Fibaro RGBW controller (Hubitat beta driver)

The latest one is smartstart enabled, the driver was not written for this specific device.

I'm using the original - maybe this is why yours doesnt have the same state issues mine had!

yeah it says it is, but i updated mine to the latest using their hub and when i joined it it didn't pop up with S2?

I'm having them issues now with the C7, it doesn't work correctly at at all currently.

I'm still having an issue with this driver and the original Fibaro RGBW. This driver does not correctly register on/off events and so gets out of sync to what is going on. If I switch to the Generic zwave RGBWW driver it actually works perfectly - however, it doesn't have the additional functionality of the effects. I understand that this is not a priority for you, but could you please release the code on the public github so that I can have a go fixing it - as its just on/off I think I could probably do it

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@mike.maxwell Have you had the chance to look at this? It looks like it could be fairly straight forward to resolve given that the generic driver works perfectly. I really don't mind doing it myself if you'll publicly release the generic driver code or the fibaro driver code. Otherwise, if you cannot release the code it seems like whatever the generic driver is doing in regards to registering on / off events is correct so please could you update the fibaro one accordingly?

I haven't as of yet.

@mike.maxwell I wanted to see if this (driver does not correctly get on / off state) is something that could be looked at. I first brought it up in this thread in January 2019 so I feel like Iโ€™ve been patient. The newish Generic Z-wave driver works perfectly (other than that it does not have fibaro specific effects commands) - so it feels like something that could be resolved quite simply. As mentioned if you donโ€™t have the time I could do it if the generic z-wave rgbw driver was made available.


I have a Fibaro RGBW 442 that is using the Zooz RGBW Dimmer driver, which creates 2 child devices. This is used on a LED Strip around the edge of one of my kid's monitors. (For back when they had school Zoom meetings every day. )The Rules have been disabled for 5 weeks now, but they ran every school day since 2019. I have an actual Zooz on the other kid's monitor strip, which is how I happen to be using that driver.

I've never used the Effects befoe but I just tried a couple and they seem to work.
Screen Shot 2021-07-08 at 10.41.08 AM

I tried "Fire" (1) and "Deep Fade" (3).

Unfortunately this is not a solution that works - also I am using the fibaro 441.

Itโ€™s all a bit frustrating because I can see that the generic driver works so it just a case of adding the effect commands to it

@mike.maxwell What would it take to get the geeric z-wave rgbw driver on the hubitat public github page?

we will look into it

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do you mean the Generic Z-Wave RGBWW Controller driver?
We don't have a Generic Z-Wave RGBW driver.

@mike.maxwell Yes I mean't the Generic Z-Wave RGBWW Controller driver. As mentioned it works perfectly but there are no effects options like with the Fibaro. If you would be kind enough to release the driver I would be able to add these commands myself

@mike.maxwell I just upgraded to 2.2.9 and this is still not there. As I've mentioned previously if I had the code for the Generic RGBWW Driver I could easily add the lighting effects. I've been asking for over 2 years so I think I've been very patient on this. I get that this is not a priority for you so please allow me to do this myself, because it's a part of my system that has never worked and I'd really like to tick it off once and for all now.

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@mike.maxwell Is this going to be fixed anytime soon?

I have the same problem as you! It would be very appreciated to be able to have a functional driver like on the SmartThings system

@bcopeland @mike.maxwell - Anything you could do to help? This issue has been raised over many years now