Fade up dimmers from current level

Hi, I’m new to Hubitat and switching over my automations from Alexa to HE. At sunset I have Alexa ramp up the brightness of a couple dozen dimmers over 30 minutes for a less jarring “lights on” transition. If the lights are already on they are not effected.

I’ve tried every combination I can find in HE: scene transitions; scene transition with a capture button; scene transition time; RM fade sctions. The HE solutions I have found ramp the lights from zero, rather than their current level if they are already on, creating the jarring transition I am trying to avoid.

Is there any way to fade in a group of lights from their current level?

Something like this should do it...


If you search my posts I ran into the same issue. The thread sided without a solution, I was essentially told it was user error.

If you find a solution please post here.

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Using Lutron Caseta dimmers this turns on the lights instantly.

This one works for me... Use Fade and make sure the fade up toggle is checked (lower is default)

The behavior of “fade up to 100” is strange if i have it controlling two (or more) dimmers.

  • If all dimmers are at 0%, it behaves as expected and ramps up all lights to 100% over the specified time
  • If one dimmer is at 50% and the other is off, it turns on the second dimmer at 50% and they both ramp up from 50% to 100% over the specified time.
  • If one dimmer is at 100% and the other is off, it does nothing and ends with one dimmer at 100% and one dimmer off.

The good news is that if I separate each dimmer into it’s own action it seems to behave as expected:

@user633 I think @bravenel is the Caseta guru here.... Perhaps he has some advice? Maybe do it as a scene instead

Unless I missed something here, why wouldn't you set level on both of these before your current actions? Set level to 1 or something just below where it is visible before running the actions you list.

Alternatively, why not use a group or scene, and similarly set the level of the group/scene and let these fade up together?

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If the lights are already on then groups, scenes, and setting the level to 1 all have the “jarring” effect of turning off the lights before slowly ramping them up. The point is to slowly and subtly transition the dimmers on.

Any chance you've got Inovelli dimmers? Just noticed that there is a driver update and the note is "fixing start level change problem".

Nope, just Lutron