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It’s an Iris contact sensor. It’s mounted underneath versus inside and I have a small magnet on the bottom of the door that moves as the box is opened.

Does the Sylvania plug have a stronger signal?

I plan to move to 20 once I can finally retire my ST hub. My locks are the only thing left as I am waiting on the lock code manager app. But I may move them sooner to try.


Took me a while to find but here's an old webcore script I shared. I have since moved away from webcore but this worked great for a while.


Did you ever figure this out? Initializing but never completing(ie: able to see save button) when connecting xbee to hubitat



Nope. It doesn't show up on my "Devices" list, but it's joined to and routes/repeats for my ZigBee network (I can use XCTU to map it), which is all I really wanted. I suspect if I changed some of the configuration parameters on the module as advised above, I'd be able to get it to show as a device, but I wouldn't really get any use out of that besides seeing that I have one (if I remember correctly, it just shows "inactive" and it's not like you can do anything with it). For these reasons, it hasn't been a priority for me.

If we could make the module more useful and add a lux sensor or temperature/humidity sensor or something, I'd be in more of a hurry. :slight_smile:


I also have a Sylvania Smart+ plug and it works well but the Xbee especially the pro version is far more powerful and will get you much more range. I tested them both with a SmartThing arrival sensor.
With Sylvania it was pretty much right outside the house before they activated, with the Xbee3 pro they activate 4-5 houses away. (of course it's not just how powerful the Xbee is but also how strong the end device is transmitting which would be the limiting factor)
The XB3-24Z8ST with an external RP SMA antenna would be best for your mailbox.
The problem now is being able to find one as they are all on back order.

The surface mount ones are still in stock with a pcb antenna XB3-24Z8RS 1 or a XB3-24Z8US with a U.FL antenna (you will also need a surface mount adapter for these styles) but they would likely be good enough.


I just received a fedex shipping label creation notice and I see the XB3-24Z8ST are showing available again.


Last delivery estimate Mouser Canada sent me was December 11. Still shows no inventory on Mouser Canada and US. DigiKey the same. I know there are other US retailers that might have some right now, but I get a really bad deal on shipping cost and often import duty on top of that. So I wait, with a daughter card longing for parent. :wink:


symmetry has it for 28.50, digikey seems overpriced. Picture makes me wonder, but it does say "TH" but shows surface mount in illustration


Got XB3-24Z8UT-J for 17.50 shipped +tax+shipping = 22.22 to NJ, USA


I'm using this sensor in exactly the same configuration in my mailbox, which is at the street about 100 feet from my hub. What works for me as a repeater is an Osram Zigbee bulb in an enclosed outdoor light fixture just outside my front door, about 80 feet from the mailbox. The contact sensor is the only child device of the bulb (which may be why it has never had any issues acting as a repeater).


I have 3 different brands usb adapters for the Xbee3

I just received another XB3-24Z8ST with RP SMA antenna and I tried it right from factory with the Ebay Xbee USb adapter and I had some issues since this usb adapter does not have a reset it did not want to load firmware and it appeared to get corrupt when I did try.
Once I reprogrammed it with my other brand usb adapter it appears to work fine with the ebay usb adapter.
I was having an issue even initial pairing the stock Xbee3 with the ebay usb board like others have mentioned that it would just sit initializing. I think it may not write the firmware correctly possible causing corruption.
Also the RP SMA antenna on the XBee3 will touch on the powered header on the usb board which will send 5v to your ground which you do not want to do so you will have to unsolder the header from the usb board. The header is fine with a XB3-24Z8PT (pcb antenna) it will not touch.

I also have a waveshare but this one needs you to install a CP210X driver for windows 10.
It is a bit flaky to work but it does.

The best working one (and more expensive one) is still the digikey Grove USB board part number 602-1979-ND .


Thank you for the heads up. That $3 card is not worth the trouble then. I will order the correct card. I’m sure I’ll get it before the Xbee :joy:


Question for those with ST and HE setup, how do I use the xbee access point specifically for HE-connected devices?


You have to join the Xbee to your ZigBee network, like any ZigBee device. Join it to Hubitat instead of ST, and you'll be good to go. :slight_smile:


Ooh duh, ok, have it discovered by the HE hub... thanks, things are not clicking this morning :smiley:


Hi there.

Just joined the HE community. Been using ST for about 8 months. I''ve just purchased the same XBEE3 devices as yours and am preparing to follow your instructions: Three things (ok maybe four):

  1. I upgraded firmware to 1005 in XCTU. I updated to all your settings but NH errors out when I type FF (invalid parameter). I can only get it to write with FE

  2. In your first post you have A0 = 3, but in this post, you refer A0 = 1. Can you confirm which value you use?

  3. Can I use this Xbee3 with your settings for ST as well? And finally, if I can and do pair to ST, what procedure would you do if I want to now use the XBee3 to be paired with HE? My end goal is to have it be a router (lots of Xiaomi over 32) and mesh viewer in HE. (and shut down ST!!)

  4. Once the Xbee3 is paired to the hub as a router. DO I NEED to keep the Grove USB board 602-1979-ND part of the Xbee3? My thinking is once it's programmed, I go and buy an el cheapo ebay Xbee USB adapter and use this to power up the board. I can then keep the Grove USB adapter in my office and program future addtional Xbee3 boards. This Grove board is expensive!!


  1. latest firmware is version 1003 not 1005 are you selecting the correct device XB3-24?

  2. I have not found A0 to make a difference but I did change from 3 to 1 and forgot to update the original post thank you
    A0 = 1 (not sure if it matters but changed from 3 to 1 due to this note in the manual
    "Setting AO = 1 is required for the XBee3 Zigbee RF Module to use the Explicit Rx Indicator frame - 0x91
    when receiving RF data packets. This is required if the application needs indication of source or
    destination endpoint, cluster ID, or profile ID values used in received Zigbee data packets. ZDO
    messages can only be received if AO = 1."
    I have not seen this setting make any difference)

  3. the settings are exactly the same for both SmartThings and HE you would have to simply remove the Xbee from one hub and pair it to the other.
    note: There are no device handlers they just show up as devices and work automatically as routers.

  4. yes I have done exactly this as well the cheap usb adapters work fine for powering the Xbee and even writing any updated settings you want after initial firmware is programmed.

also added a note to be careful when programming the Xbee to not use the scroll wheel on the mouse it grabs the wrong settings sometimes


I also missed the power setting in the original post
PL = 4



Latest is 1005.
NH=FE work fine.


latest firmware I see listed is 1003


Dumb question time. Can I trigger the xbee module to pair mode remotely? I'm at work so I can't power it off/on at this time :slight_smile:

Edit: Oh, wait, HE found a zigbee device and initializing...

Edit2: HE found the correct device but stuck at initializing.