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since your pan id is zero I do not think your one Xbee3 paired correctly
I would look in your Hubitat zigbee settings and see if there is any ghost device there and remove it then unplug the Xbee3 and reboot the hub.
Then power the Xbee3 back on and try and repair it.

You did copy your Hubitat pan id into the
Xbee3 ID settings?

going off memory I am not at home
AI should be zero after proper pairing and OP should read your hub pan ID


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Thank You NoWon & fellow HE forum members.
I think I'm done tonight, that didn't work. I think it maybe a serial port issue, as my usb mouse stopped responding in the middle of testing, and the "device ejecting" sound played, and nothing was removed.
I'll report back when(if) I figure this out

Ok, was able to connect my Xbee to HE last night. Woke up to a locked hub. Ended up having to pull power to reset. Now the Xbee is no longer joined according to HE, the DH is also no longer installed. I am still able to pull up XCTU and monitor routing tables. I have set JV to 1 and attempted to re-join to HE, but it is never found. Has anyone else run into this issue? Any suggestions?

If you can scan and see your network then it is still connected to the hub.
First try changing the NI name and re-pairing. See if it appears in your hub device list in Hubitat zigbee device page.
If that does not work
If setup as a router Change it to end device settings and pair it again.
Or Visa versa
Then just change the settings back to what you want. You may have to delete the device and re-pair it again.

It is still connected to the network, just not visible in HE. I do see the regular check-ins in the zigbee logs with its address as the identifier. I will try changing the NI name and re-pairing later today. I dropped the firmware one rev in an attempt to allow the device to be seen, but had no luck.

Thanks for the response, I'll report back results later.

It should not be a firmware issue but do not forget you will have to reload the micro python code whenever you rewrite the firmware

Not sure what's going on, but every time I open XCTU app I keep getting this error pop up.

This happen even if the Xbee controller is connected or not.
I tried to click on Help > Update the Firmware Radio Library.
Then Look for and install new firmware.

But I keep getting the same error....

I have even tried uninstalling XCTU ,and reinstalled it fresh, but keep getting the error pop up.
This also does it on another PC that I have XCTU installed on.

I'm getting the same error. I suspect that the Digi servers that house the firmware are down for some reason. But you shouldn't need to update the library manually. When there is new firmware available, it should prompt you.

You might not want to run on newer firmware as soon as it's released. If there are changes to functionality and/or settings, then your device could stop working. Also, when you flash the profiles linked to above, that will wipe out whatever firmware you put on the device and replace it with the version that the profile was created with. You could then update after that, if you wanted to. But remember, every time you flash, you have to replace the micropython file.

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Anyone know how I can use my Xbee to discover the Zigbee channel of another controller without joining its network?

Trying to learn what channel(s) are used by an OSRAM Lightify Gateway. Their app doesn't show it anywhere. There's also no sticker on the gateway with its PAN ID, so if I need that, I also don't know how to find that either.

Any help much appreciated. I've never used my Xbee other than as a router to inspect my Zigbee network performance.

You’ll have limited success. There are ways to scan but I think I remember that if the network is encrypted and you don’t have the key, the xbee wont even recognize the traffic.

But given the attitude in the home auto community about the one key to rule them all, maybe just try that one.

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HI, can anyone tell me whether one of these kits would be ok for building a zigbee repeater? Seems like you get a few things in the kit ... XKB2-Z7T-WZM - XBEE ZIGBEE MESH KIT


I emailed Asram to ask that question and if the channel can be changed, they blew me off.
Possibly use the spectrum analysis feature on the xbee, with the xbee right next to the lightify gateway, and both of them in a faraday cage (metal box) to cut outside interference.

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It’s hard to be certain because I don’t see a parts list on there. But from the picture it looks there are 2 or even 3 xbee devices in that package, which would mean you could build at least 2 repeaters.

That should work, don't know that you need all of that, as the description isn't too clear.
Why do many electronics site have such poor photos. I can't make out what's in there, but it appears to be the xbee with UFL antenna, my least favorite.

The xbee S2C does the best job for me, it has an integrated dipole antenna, and it's only like 20 USD, plus a cheap USB board. Links for reference, as these items can be found cheaper


lastly, take half a day and read the thread below, for best results. Xbee is a very powerful tool.


Thanks. Have ordered your suggested components.
Hey probably a silly question, but I am new to the electronics side of things so excuse my ignorance.
How do you power the Xbee repeater once it is built? Is it via the USB or do you need to attach a watch battery or something similar?


Once you snap them together just use any phone charger that supplies 5 volts and at least 200 millamp(mAh). That is after you join them to the network following the prior link I posted.

Have fun
Lemme clarify, snap together, install PC drivers & XCTU, setup xbee to join your zigbee network. Once xbee is joined and sees your zigbee network, you can then unhook it from PC and plug it in at it's final spot where you need a router

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so, how did you fare?

Hi. Havent yet received the components. Guess tge mail is slower at the moment. Funnily I had just about all of my xiaomi devices drop off both my smartthings and hubitat hubs the other day. Had ro go around re pairing them all. I also came across some software written in c# that would allow you to listen for events coming from a xiaomi gateway and send them somewhere. Im thinking I could have all my Xiaomi devices connected to their "official" hub and then send API calls from there ro hubitat or webcore that triggers virtual switches that reflect the event.