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Just got a twinge of paranoia after posting an image of all the hardware addresses of my zigbee devices. But HE is local, so it shouldn't be of any use to anyone, right?


In a practical sense, no, not useful.

Your risk is some guy sitting outside with a laptop, an XBee (Pro) and a great antenna. But then what would he benefit from knowing some Zigbee addresses? If he was parked in front of my house, he could do the same scan and in a few minutes, learn all my addresses. I actually think it would be more time consuming to type all your addresses in vs just doing the scan.


Gotcha. So it's like knowing the street address of a house, but not having a key.


they do not even have the address to your house they would have to know where you live.



How often do you guys do a mesh scan and usually for how long? Reason I ask is because it took over 3 hours for all my devices to show up.


Same here. It usually picks up things connected to the xbee or hub quickly but then takes a while to find things that go through the router.

I usually just leave it running and chem back later. I don't do it often.


I think it depends on what type of devices you have and how many.
I noticed my Sylvania Smart Plug 72922 and anything using it as a repeater takes longer to detect than everything else.
I have 50 zigbee devices and mine take approx 5-10 minutes to detect everything.


I have around 120 zigbee devices and no Sylvania plug. Plenty of iris plugs though. The GE zigbee switch routing (talking?) up to 24 devices. Instead of 8 by Iris.


Hi. I ordered the same devices that you have. Do you mind sharing exactly how you added it and mapped the network? Thanks


It's really easy. After you put it together and plug it in to your computer you need to configure it. Download the XCTU app (google it) and set the parameters on the device. All of them are laid out in my post in this thread.

Once it's done add it as a new device in HE. There is no driver for it. It just needs to be part of the zigbee mesh.

Once done you can do a scan using XCTU and it will draw out your mesh for you.

Its not really that difficult. Once you do it, it will make sense.


Ok. Thanks for your help.


When I go to join the Xbee to Hubitat it gets stuck at Found Zigbee, Initializing. Is there something I need to do so it will join? Thanks


Some Xbee device models/config will not pass from initialization, but Xbee will get the network info and it will work anyway. You can confirm reading the Xbee, you will see the PAN ID and channel, you can map the network too.


Where in Hubitat do I find the PAN ID and channel? Thanks


I found it in Zigbee Details. But there is only one listed. Wouldn't that be the radio in Hubitat itself? Should there be 2 listed?


Hi Is https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/888-XB3-24Z8ST still working well for you? I have the 1st one you had and I can't get it to completely join Hubitat or scan the network. Thanks


Did you configured the Xbee as a repeater? I had some issues with mine because I configured it as an end device so network scan did not work.


Sorry for all of the questions. Where in XCTU would I configure it as a repeater?


The correct terminology is router, not repeater, sorry.

If you followed the first page of this thread, the setting AP should be in 1, cero is for end device

Look the setting from here