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yes it continues to work well for me.


Ok. Thanks


I confirmed the settings and they are what you have. When I go to join the Xbee it remains at device Initializing. However when I look under System Events it says New Zigbee Device Joined. But When I try to scan the network in XTCU I get the error that says Remove it from the Radio Modules from the list on the left. So I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.


Check this post out. I had similar issue and it was the key...I forgot to add it.


Ok. Thanks for your help.


Well I entered the standard home automation key and was able to join the hub no problem. I'm also able to scan my network. Thanks for the suggestion.


Cool Cool! Let the fun begin. It's a trip watching 'everyone' populate your mesh map!! :sunglasses:


am i on the right track with these?

602-1979-ND £19.67
602-2186-ND £13.77

hoping for the xbee zigbee 3 but not pro (Looks like there not allowed in UK)


Looks good to me. I am using the same rig and controller except mine is not the -J model.


The Xiaomi Mi app had an update on Google play last night. In the comments it said "now supports Ikea devices"


do you know the difference?

also what software do we need?


XCTU is the application



Yes. This partnership is extremely important for IKEA. We should expect a lot of surprises from both sides this year.


just found out the J is the standard no J is the pro


anyone else got one for the UK and what was the price @Cobra you have one don't you?


Well, I didn't have any luck with the XB3-24Z8ST signal quality issue. No matter what I tried, the downstreams from this model were wrecked. Out of curiosity I ordered a XBP24CZ7SIT-004 and it's muuuuch better. 255 LQI in and out. Now I see what the excitement is all about. :smiley: I will return the 24Z8ST if I can.

I did have the "initializing" issue with it though, as observed above, and system logs did indeed show it as joined. I was able to get it to show as a "Device" after powering the hub down for 15 minutes to force a heal, and then entering Discovery. Got the message "existing device Device was discovered and initialized", and tadaa.


I got my kit yesterday

76000956 USB Adapter

Install XCTU
Made configuration as on the first post
Paring to Hubitat

Below my network

Now my questions
1 - My Xbee is working as a router?

2 - How "Find" works, I type 254E and nothing happening

3 - How I connect my Xiaomi devives to Xbee?


1: Yes, the "R" means "router" (as opposed to "E" for endpoint).

2: By default, I think Find searches on the "long" address. If you prefix your search with "MY:", I think that's the code for the short device ID. Hover over the search box and see the tool-tip text for everything you can search on there.

3: With great difficulty. :slight_smile: OK, or just some effort. You can't force a ZigBee device to take a certain route; they will choose what they think is the best automatically. However, you can strongly encourage a Xiaomi device (or any device) to pair through the XBee by unplugging other repeaters and making sure you're far enough away from the hub that the device will "want" to pair through the XBee instead. (The XBee tends to be pretty attractive for most devices, so you probably won't need to be that far away from the hub, but other repeaters might also attract it during pairing.)

Unlike standard devices, I've noticed Xiaomi devices tend to stay routing through the device that they were originally paired/routed through, so if you get it paired through an XBee, it's unlikely to switch to another repeater. (But maybe I just haven't seen that happen.)


I have 3 of them but I can’t remember what I paid.
I’ll try and find some emails or invoices.



Hi guys,
do you know if zigbee mapping with Digi USB Dongle Key XU-Z11 is working as well?
I'd like to have a simpler product than a board, with antenna etc...