Every reboot destroys z-wave network

I've noticed that with every reboot creates problem with my z-wave devices. They start to look like

and z-wave repair ignores them.
I have to remove affected device from the network and pair it back. But after next reboot same thing happens to another device.
Any idea how to fight this problem?

Before entering to any other thing, why you reboot your hub so often? Per the staff rebooting the hub cause more problems in the mesh if it has problems already.

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I don't reboot hub often. Hub normally reboots after update. Few updates were out recently. 5 devices affected on my z-wave network. As a result hub become slow.

We just wanted more info, not saying you did on purpose, did you remove the devices forcing the removal? or you click the button on the device and it was removed?

The devices are not removed. They still connected to the hub and work. But HUB became very slow. I had this issue not once already and according to support the hub is slow because z-wave network is not working properly.

I was refering to this line. When you removed, did you remove the devices forcing the removal? or you click the button on the device and it was removed?

Sorry, I probably was not clear. I had to remove affected devices and pair them back in past. This is not the first time I am having this issue. I don;t recall if I had to force the removal or I was just able to remove. I am hoping to avoid to removing devices this time. Because that is really a lot of work. Was hoping some one may have better solution or idea how to prevent this from happening over and over.

Ok, probably you are a victim of ghost nodes, I was victim too, but fixing this without deleting anything you must use a 3rd party program and of course is not recommended by the staff because you can scew up more the mesh if you don't know what are you doing.

Some of my devices are showing messed up number too. See the device ID and device type column.

@mike.maxwell does it matter? I am still getting updates from them.

Those are dead devices... see this post:

HE removed our ability to remove them. Probably going to need @bobbyD on this one.

7 of my smoke detectors are like this and they are working fine. Hub is running normal as well. Just commenting in case your issue is elsewhere. Contact support and they will probably sorted out quicker.

They are not dead I still get the wakeup notification from them. Just a mismatch between the db3 and the USB stick I think.

Those are not dead devices, the data displayed on that page is stored in the device data and is reloaded on boot. It is only gotten from the device at join time and we no longer query the device for that data at boot up. If you can check the device page and post what your device data section is showing? it should look something like this:

If the system doesn't have the data to display, it will show the default values of integer maxvalue, I'll put in a ticket to just display "unknown" if that is the case.

Why not pull the data from the device setting page so they match instead of displaying unknown.

That's what I was saying above.. we do pull the data from the settings page, and I was asking for screenshots of those devices that do not. so I can see if the device data is missing.

Here is the data for the upstairs hallway smoke detector. It doesn't match.

Thanks, we'll take a look at why that is not populating.

Seem like we both have the smoke detectors mismatch issue. They are the First alert smoke/co.

Can you post a shot of your device data as well?


Can you let me know what driver you are using?