Eurotronic thermostats hang my hub

im using 4 termostats eurotronic zwave.
unfortunelly when im changing temerature form ,for example 8 to 28, for all of them at the same time by rule machine my hub stop responding, i cant switch lights and so one. i have to unplug hub and plug again to electricity.
any ideas why ?

Unplugging the hub is likely to have corrupted the database. You should consider doing a soft reset. Soft Reset - Hubitat Documentation Make a backup of your current database and download it before the reset so you have it available after the reset.
I would contact for help with the thermostat issue.

I will do double check of issue and after confirm I will take necessary steps.
Also i was trying to set in rule machine 10 sec dealy every temp change of each thermostat but also everything was stock and after unplugging and pluging hub the rule was changed into no dealy time ....

Combination of two events at the same time is cousing the problem or just one.
I have created virtual button to refresh devices and on the logs I can see that I have pushed switch to refresh just few seconds before thermostat in kitchen was polling and my hub hung up after those.
The question is if polling is needed and if it can be turned off, because it set automatically every 3h.

I have double check this , when thermostat is polling and I'm changing heater setpoint it couses all my zwave devices getting unresponding.
Why ?

When I was using Vera I was able to disable pooling for thermostats, does hubitat give me such possibility ?

I think most of your questions rely on the Driver your using for your thermostats but I have no experience with Thermostats.
Is it a custom Driver ?

I'm using Generetic z wave thermostat

Maybe there is an app for disabling pooling for thermostats ?

Maybe this Thread will help you

I have seen this topis , not usefull for me but thanks for help.
Anyone has different ideas?

what for is this value?


Hubitat does not poll devices automatically, devices are expected to notify the hub when they change state. So in the case of the thermostat driver, and all built in drivers for that matter there is nothing to disable.

When you say polling is set to 3 hours, where is this being set?

I can see on the specific device on the button ,there is like scheduled job and there is pollnode next run (date) and last run (date).
I'm now not at home so I can't send screen. I will do it tomorrow.

as i promised, below screen from my thermostat device:

I have found solution , this hub is to weak for spirit zwave thermostats , when im changing temperature by lowering deegress "manually" from 28 to 8 , degrees step is 0,5 , so I need to click 40 times temperature down and after that hub stop responding :blush:
Vera controller was far far better , maybe problem is in to small ram memory. Who knows.

Vera Plus 128MB Flash and 256MB RAM. HE 8GB Flash and 1GB RAM.

So there is problem with communication between device and hub

Your devices should have multiple neighbors to route the signal between the devices and the hub. The radios in Zwave devices are very low powered, especially important for battery powered devices. There is no point having a high power radio in the hub, if the devices can't respond to the hub. Make sure you have mains powered devices in your system to form a good strong mesh. How to Build a Solid Z-Wave Mesh - Hubitat Documentation

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Is that what support have indicated or just your guess ?