Eurotronic thermostats hang my hub

Support do not answered my question :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@krzyskonieczny15 your problem is likely to be that your Spirit TRVs are FLiRS devices and need the transmitting device to support "beaming".

Do you have any other mains-powered Z-Wave devices in your HE system? Specifically ones that support beaming?

I'm not sure if the HE hub supports beaming directly, perhaps @mike.maxwell can confirm that ..... what happens in HE if beaming isn't supported directly from the hub? In the case of these Spirit TRVs, if as @krzyskonieczny15 mentions he adjusts the temperature incrementally 0.5 degree at a time, how will HE handle that?

If HE doesn't support beaming then the Spirit isn't going to be woken up to take those commands, so it's feasible that communications would stack up and time out.

With a non-FLiRS TRV, does HE wait for wake-up before transmitting commands? Or does it "try" first, then queue for wake-up ...... then send a flood of all queued commands?

(this is a problem that used to plague Vera for years btw, it was only in the last year or so that it was resolved, somewhat).

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I couldn’t find your devices in the “compatible device list” so that will always make getting a device working, much harder.
Good to follow some suggestions and advice which comes from other users with similar products to you.

I have multisensor 6 and repeater from aeotec, and aboy 6 switches from neocoolcam. I do not know if this devices support beaming probably not if I have got problem.

Doesn’t look like your neocoolcam switches support Beaming and There appears to be 1 repeater from Aeotec that supports beaming ( DSD37-ZWAU ) and a range extender that does not (ZW117 ). weird but it sure sounds like your HE mesh build is not ideal for the devices you have.

Missing Vera :sob: joking :blush: every hub has got + and -
I will figure out something :grin: especially when I have got Everyone here ready to help :blush:

as i can see zw117 supports beaming:

Oh, that’s good news for you. :+1:t3:

not sure about this good news :stuck_out_tongue: i have got this one and still have problem with filris trvs :stuck_out_tongue:

@krzyskonieczny15 how long ago did you buy your TRVs?
I bought mine about two years ago. They work flawlessly .
At first I thought Generic Z-Wave Thermostat driver must have changed recently because logs you sent me look different to my logs.
I swapped the driver with a one for Danfoss, configured, waited, swapped back for Generic, configured and I get the same readings in the logs. No 'parse' word in the logs. Moreover any manual changes to temperature settings on TRV are reflected in the hub 4 seconds later, so there's no way to just click all the way up or down between 8 and 28 degrees and have it reflected in the hub unless I would wait 4 seconds every time I press the button on the TRV.
In the logs (when manually changing the temp on TRV) I only get 'info' despite debug logging being enabled in the device's settings.

My TRVs are FLiRS as well.

im talking about changing temperature via android app or dashboard not by pressing button on trv

my logs when changing temperature via dashboard to 28 , a piece of log:

I'm a bit lost now. What is the problem then? The hub crashes (freezes) when a Rule sets few TRVs at the same time?

yes or when im changing via dashboard tempereature manually for more than 1 trv

Can you try using GoControl Z-Wave Thermostat driver instead of one the Generics? It may take a minute or two for the driver to settle.

yes i can try

Do you get something like this in the logs?


:confused: again today when I was trying to turn on trvs my hub crashed , my idea to change temp on trv one by one is not a solution for this issue :confused:

If I want to increase temperature for only 2C degrees but in 4 trv it is also impossible.... for eg. from 22 to 24 -> it is 4 steps x4 pcs it is 16 commands. The hub get stuck and it changes temperature in 1 sometimes 2 trv. I think that solution for this problem would be some kind of delay time when values will not be send to trv till you stop changing value (0.5s, maybe 1s) so the hub will not send 16 commands but only 4

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