ESPresence with Home Assistant

Has anyone else tried ESPresence? SUPER EASY TO INSTALL & SETUP!!!

I found it this AM on YouTube and had a couple of D1 Minis sitting around. I put one next to TV in Living Room and TV in Play Room. I had already created a TV Remote dashboard that controls the correct device(s) based on what room I am in but I had to change the room location manually.

I just got it up & running about an hour ago and it seems MUCH quicker detecting when I go from Play Room to Living Room vs the other way around. It's almost too slow going from Living Room to Play Room. I am currently using my phone but am going to look for a thin BT beacon to attach to phone so my phone battery isn't affected.

I store either "Living Room" or "Play Room" in the Variable for a virtual Omni Sensor. I have a Node Red flow that updates the OS when the state of the HA sensor changes.

Let me know if anyone else has or is going down this rabbit hole.

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@stephen_nutt I have really wanted to do something like this in my home. I have not really found anything that works on or with Hubitat.

I have it working in Home Assistant. I have it shared to Hubitat via Home Assistant Device Bridge. I am using it to turn on and off an occupied flag for each room in the house, but it appears I am beating my H7 to death with all the logic and traffic. My main goal is for lights not to turn off in rooms with people holding still and turning off the downstairs lights if everyone is upstairs and vice versa. Once I master that, I will likely find other ways to use it.

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