Erratic Operation

I am getting erratic operation of my lights. I have 12 lights on Zooz receptacles. Some time a light won't come on and I have to turn on through Hubitat or it won't turn on. It is all random, no particular light or time since they operate at different times. I have several Aeotec repeaters in the house. Is this normal? All lighting is with the Simple automation.

No, it's not normal, and since most of your devices are Z-Wave, that is probably where I'd start troubleshooting. I'd start with your Settings > Z-Wave Details table and see if you can spot any problems. So-called "ghost nodes" are often the culprit. To spot these, look for rows (nodes) in the table that likely do not have any Hubitat device linked to in the "Device" column and don't have anything in the "Routes" column (though that alone isn't bad; these stats are reset on hub restart, and some devices don't get traffic often enough for this to always be populated after that). Other stats may be helpful to look at as well, but this is an easy enough place to start. If you're not sure, post a copy of your table here, and someone can give more ideas.

The other possibility is an app issue rather than a device/network issue. But SAR is pretty easy to configure and hard to mess up, so it seems less likely to me. This document will provide more information on either troubleshooting path: How to Troubleshoot Apps or Devices - Hubitat Documentation

Not normal. I suggest checking out the following thread for ideas on troubleshooting and what details you may want to provide so others can further assist:

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Yes it the are Zen 25. Last night the tv lights did not turn off at 11pm. I had to manually turn off this morning. I looked at the logs for the device and looked at past logs and there are none only todays.

Those Zen25 are known troublemakers, especially when configured incorrectly. They can bring the hub to its knees. They are very likely why you are seeing lags. Personally, I would get rid of them, they belong in the "drawer of shame".

With that being said, some have had success by adjusting the parameters a certain way, Some Zwave devices are intermittently slow or non responsive so - #30 by jtp10181

I also would be sure that you are on the latest plug firmware ZEN25 S2 Double Plug Change Log - Zooz Support Center

If you are not using the power reporting features of the plug, you need to set Parameter #18 to a value of 1 to disable all power reporting. This will eliminate all extra zwave messages and improve your mesh speed.

If you do want to use the power reporting, need to set the limits higher and monitor the events section of each device for excessive reporting until you get it dialed in correctly so it is not spamming reports.


I would also add just as a fyi that even though the zen25 seems to be the biggest offender, any power reporting device can cause mesh problems. Any device that does power reporting needs to be carefully configured only to report when needed for what you want to automate from it. The Zen25 tends to be a bit more prone to causing issues because it has two plugs and a USB port that can effect how it reports based on configuration.

I have a zen04 that was causing some issues for a little while.

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