ERIA Dimmer Switch

Any chance we can get the battery level to show up in the device page for this remote? thanks

The device does not report battery, it's simply not part of the device clusters, meaning its not implemented in the device itself.
If one of our drivers doesn't have battery, then it's either a line device or it's not available.

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Ok, thanks. It is not a deal breaker as far as using them. They still make a good remote and are inexpensive. I am currently looking for some small stickers that can be placed on each button to customize them.

For those of you that have these working, is the LED supposed to blink when you do a button push? It is pairing easily and the correct device driver is finding it. However, device logs are not showing a button push and the LED doesn't blink. In the couple of Youtube videos I found, it looks like the LED blinks on every button push.

I think that the LED goes on whenever I push it.
It looks like it goes on "when waking".

@stephen_nutt Yes, you should see a green blink for any button pushed. Have you tried changing battery? CR2025. It may be really low. I'm told that the battery does not report so it makes it difficult to know if the battery is low or not. Driver is ERIA Dimmer Switch.

Yeah, the only time the light appears is when I am holding a button down to get it to pair, never just on a standard push. The unit is brand new so battery should also be brand new but I tried a new battery just in case and still nothing. Which method did you use to pair it? I have seen a couple of different methods described on this forum and in the Eria paperwork.

@stephen_nutt I first held the 2 middle buttons together until I saw one green flash. Then within a couple of feet of the hub I held down the Off button until it blinked green 3 times and the hub found it right away. It configured it with the ERIA Dimmer Switch driver by itself. I went to the driver page and pressed the Off button while I pressed Configure just for grins.

@razorwing You are the man!!! That worked!!!! I wonder if the pushing of the Configure button while pushing the off button was what made the difference. I didn't really understand the purpose of the configure button. Previously, I had pushed it but never while pushing a button on the remote. SWEET!!! Thank you. I knew it was something that I was doing or not doing.

@stephen_nutt Welcome. Wow I am so glad you finally got it to work. I really like these little remotes. They are easy to turn into a 4 button remote using RM 4. I got a label maker that uses 1/4" tape and now I can label each button.