Eria Dimmer Switch & RGBGenie remote

I bought both an Eria Dimmer Switch and an RGBGenie switch based on them being mentioned in one of the Hubitat live chats and I am having trouble with both.

First, the Eria: It had no trouble pairing. I went to create a Button Controller but it didn't work. I enabled logging but button pushes are not showing in logs.

Second, I had a hell of time getting the RGBGenie even to pair but it finally did. However, it's pairing as a ZB-5028 but according to the Amazon ad, it's a 5101. In the Device Details Data, it says it's a 5121. So, now I have the parent device that says it only has 3 buttons when there are in fact 5 and then 4 child devices. I am not sure what to do at this point. I saw that there is a driver for a 512x and i assume the "x" is just a wildcard. That seems like the right thing to do but I am not sure what to do with the child devices. it currently isn't registering button pushes in the logs either. I have not switched to the 512x driver yet.

I am sure I am leaving out a simple step somewhere. My only other remote is a Z-Wave Minimote that works awesome. I was just looking for alternatives to that $50 item. I do have a Zigbee bulb, a switch, and a couple of Ikea repeaters but most of my stuff is Z-wave.

Thanks for any help you can provide to this Hubitat newbie.

@stephen_nutt I just got one of these and they work very well. Cost isn't too bad.

I also have the Eria Dimmer Switch and it seems to work well also.

@stephen_nutt I have great news on the Eria Dimmer Switch. Not only does it work as a on/off/dimmer for a single or set of lights but it also works great as a 4 button remote!!
The price isn't too bad either. Pretty decent at $20.

A hint about the Eria Dimmer. I had to get within 5 ft. the first time I paired it. Any farther than that and it wouldn't take. To Reset you press the 2 buttons in the center together and you will get a single green light. To include you press the Off button until you see 3 green blinks.

Yeah, I was going to use these on Bond-connected fans. I had no problem pairing the Eria. It happened almost instantly. My issue is that the button presses aren't doing anything. I turned on logging and nothing. I have paired-unpaired-repaired it a few times.

As a follow up, when I push the button on the Eria, the LED doesn't blink. Is it supposed to blink with every push? On the few YouTube videos that I have found, the LED seems to blink with each push.

On the other hand, with the RGBGenie, the LED does blink with each button push. In it's documentation, it says it only blinks if it's paired.

Unfortunately, neither are registering button pushes in the logs and I can't get either to do anything in Rule Manager, Button Controller App, etc.

Since neither are working, it's gotta be my Hubitat Hub (very very very very very unlikely) or Newbie User Error.

Seems to be recording in the log with no issues!

Going back to the RGBGenie problem child, as I mentioned, when Hubitat finds it, the hub uses the 5028 driver and creates 4 child drivers. Is there a way when first saving it, I can tell the hub to use the 512x driver instead? I don't see that as an option. I also just noticed that the little nondescript box that the switch came in has a "ZB 5122" sticker. It's LED blinks green nicely just to torment me.

Both of these devices have ruined my weekend!!!! They were supposed to make my life easier!!!!! haha

We don't have a driver for this device yet, it's pretty much complete, but won't make the 2.1.5 release.
The driver for the 5121 will not work with this controller.

Awesome, then I will hold onto it. I haven't installed the remote control module for the ceiling fan that this is going to control yet so I don't need the RGBGenie working yet. Thanks to @razorwing 's help in another thread, I got the Eria working.

@mike.maxwell In future Live shows, is it possible to add links to the devices you review in the comments after the show is over? Thank you.

@mike.maxwell Nice work on the under-promising and over-delivering!!! The 5122 driver made it into 2.1.5 release. Awesome! My remote is working. Thank you.

This thread is officially "solved" with the help I received from @razorwing in another thread for the Eria. Now I get to play with both to determine if the RGBGenie is worth the extra $10 for future remote needs. Thanks again to all.

How did you solve this? I just got mine in today and am having the same problem. Save me!! lol

I'm having the same problem as @stephen_nutt, I paired easily with HE and created a rule with simple lighting but there is no response from the Eria Dimmer switch. What am I missing here? I have a scene called "light pad" that I would like to activate when pushed On/off. I know the scene works but i can't figure out how to get it programmed on the remote.

Here are a couple screen shots with the device setup and my simple lighting rule.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

@derek Here is the post I wrote on the ERIA Dimmer Switch.

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I saw this a few mins ago and it's all solved. Thank you amigo!

Welcome. Glad you got it up and running. It's a great little remote.

In case anyone else is experiencing issues. I had this same issue. Even though the hub found it, it wasn't successfully pairing. Even after the hub found it, I needed to continue holding the off button on the remote until it flashed green. This is what worked for me. Hope it helps someone else!