Enerwave RMS2-PLUS

This is a request to Hubitat for a driver to support the Enerwave RMS2-Plus.
This is a very handy device, and the previous community supported drivers, just don't work some of the time (on various hubs).
If required, I'm willing to ship a unit anywhere in the continental US to give Hubitat personnel a unit for testing.
The following is the amazon listing for it:

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Just ordered one


Sometimes, you're just amazingly fast.... THANK YOU!

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I was saving 2 of these for Christmas projects... good to know there will be strong support for them soon.

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We're lucky... @bcopeland:

  1. Likes to help us
  2. Likes new toys
  3. Writes good drivers



What can you do with these devices? Are these for say hiding inside a wall or what?

There are some who swear by these (and the AEOTEC dual nano).

They look like ordinary decora switches on the outside, but inside the box you can easily put an enerwave RMS2-PLUS or the equivalent AEOTEC dual nano, or the Quibino(?).

The client (or spouse) doesn't even know that the switch is controlled.
Sometimes, people have expensive switches that they want controlled, but they don't want to replace the extraordinary switches that they have.

The downside is that the position of the switch doesn't necessarily reflect the state of the light. That is, they could be down, with the light on.

(Momentary switch versus toggle switch in the AEOTEC).

Also, these from enerwave are VERY cost effective.

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The house we moved into had a few sconces on the walls. They were hardwired and had small switches right on the fixtures.

My wife wanted to change them, but the replacements didn't have switches. I could have wired up a switch on the wall below the sconce, but it would have been unsightly and she wanted to put something there anyhow. I put a similar device (an Aeotec Nano dimmer) in the electrical box behind the sconce - problem solved with high WAF.

You may already know this, but for those that don't... you never want to put something like this inside a wall. Any mains-powered device MUST be enclosed in a proper electrical box and it must be accessible.

Ha.. Love this

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I have a similar (not these, but dual relay) that I mounted in a box to control a bathroom fan (and light) above some aquarium stuff I have in the basement to act as venting for humidity. Can still be controlled by the switches but a simple 4-1 sensor made it so the fan could be on when humidity got too high and the light turned on when there was motion OR the contact sensor for the basement door was open.

My plan for these are to control some Christmas inflatables I have. Kindof a waste really because they are dual relay and I have not come up with a good reason why I would want the inflatable fan running but not the lights... But I will probably wire it up that way just because.

I also have a bunch of ZigBee on/off switches meant for (and in use) in inflatables... but I am trying to get away from ZigBee a bit now. Except there are more (and cheaper) options for it so far so that is pretty much impossible.

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I have an aeotec MultiSensor in my sump room monitoring humidity and turning on my exhaust fan that’s controlled by a Lutron Caseta switch. I know they should t be hidden in the wall permanently, was just trying to see what others were using them for. Thanks!

@bcopeland Hey Bryan, I'm using this driver by erocm123... I have four of them and they are working out pretty good...

Original thread:

Cool.. You can keep using it if you like it.. But we will have an official driver soon.


Dang... I was just trying to be helpful... :laughing:

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I used mine to control a bathroom vent fan. I'm switching from ST where I had the OneTap app (it was very handy) which allowed me to program it to turn itself back on if it was physically turned off from the switch, only if the bathroom light was on. A couple of my kids like to drop a deuce and leave the bathroom fan off. I started with having it come on automatically with the light but the little punks kept turning it off.

It warmed the heart to hear them turn it off and one second later it kicked back on lol. Then again...then they finally got it. I had it installed for about a year with no hiccups, which is why I want it to work with Hubitat. Right now it's an "unknown device."

Hey Bryan,

Any update on this? It's working for the time being, but you do write the best drivers. :slight_smile: :grimacing:

Agreed. I have one stuck in USPS purgatory. It would be good to run it with official drivers right out of the gate once it finally arrives.


bcopeland looks like ‘the guy’....love it!
Anything official on ENERWAVE IN WALL RELAY? I have 2 to install. Converting over from ST and upgrading along the way. Thanks for any help

Hey Bryan,

Any updates on your driver? Also, do what do you recommend for the RSM1-PLUS?