Energy monitoring in-wall outlet (not plug) available?

I've never looked for one before, but was surprised to see that as far as I can tell there is almost no availability of engergy monitoring in-wall outlets.

I did find this one, but the $77 pricing seems a bit crazy, and reviews of it on Amazon were not good overall.

Anyone seen or used one? If not available in Zigbee/Z-Wave, is there a Wi-Fi outlet w/monitoring that integrates well w/HE?

See these two posts for Zigbee and Z-Wave options:
- Zigbee - Sinope
- Z-Wave - Jasco

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Less money, more fun!
Sinopé In-Wall Outlet SP2610ZB


Perfect...not sure how I missed that! Thanks very much.

From what I've just read it works well w/the HE generic driver, including power reporting. Excellent.

There's also the Jasco 43102, which did have power reporting but oddly they don't mention it on the product page.

Edit: from a couple posts down.


Thanks - I see nothing on the web page or in the spec sheet or manual for the outlet that mentions power monitoring, so it doesn't look like it is present on the shipping version...

What do you mean by "...did have power reporting..." Did you have one and it did power reporting, or ?

Jasco zigbee receptacle 43132 does report power
Jasco zigbee receptacle 43102 does NOT report power

The post above details how a user ordered the 43132 (as advertised), expecting to receive the 43132 and have the ability to monitor power. This was not what was shipped to the user, instead the 43102 was shipped to the user, this device does not report power. Clearly, a mistake on Amazon.


Thanks for clarifying that! For anyone else looking at this, here's the pricing I found on Amazon, where both are available. You can also buy them from their manuf sites, though the Jasco is more expensive ($46) on their site:

  • $51 for the GE Zigbee 43132 w/monitoring (@Stephan.J has the link above in his post)
  • $41 for the Sinope Zigbee w/monitoring here on Amazon
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I don't have any but I did look at getting some and I had a dim memory, like most of mine, that there was an issue with these for some reason. :neutral_face:

Thanks to @Stephan.J for sorting it out.

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@danabw do you know if the Sinope is a standard Decora shape? Its unclear from their webpage if it has a standard faceplate, or its something else....


I've never actually seen one in person, so I'm afraid I don't know about that. :man_shrugging:

You might want to search for "sinope" in the forum and see who has been posting about them... :slightly_smiling_face:

Ha! Thats how I found this thread!

No worries, they're not horribly expensive, perhaps ill pick one up for experimentation. :slight_smile:


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Cool. Seemed smart to link them.

Yes, standard Decora shape, you can use any Decora cover you like.

Thanks! Im guessing you have one or some? Does it work well?


I have several. For my needs they work great. But I have no need for power reporting and did not purchase them for any reason relating to power reporting, so I can be of no help to you in that regard.

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I'm not really interested in power reporting -- my interest in in-wall outlets is as repeaters and functional devices. I've never found power reporting to be extremely valuable. :slight_smile:


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