Enbrighten Zigbee Dimmer, 43096

Hey Folks,

I have a couple of spots where this dimmer fits the bill nicely. Any one using one of these on a C8? Any issues? Are they a good repeater?

I have 8 of these dimmers running in a 1500sf building (various models 43080, 43082, 43113) along with 9 Embrighten switches, no issues so far.
They are routing fine.

Thanks Mike, glad to hear. Must order up a couple and try them out.

Go to jascos site some might still be on sale...

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Ok, going to get a couple more of these, they are fantastic. VERY fast response time, in comparison to the Sengleds, excellant repeaters, good range, and now I can replace my Zigbee bulbs with regular ones. WAF is high, I had the new screen up with the visual mesh and showed her how they repeat, she pretended to be interested....She said "you aren't MESHING around are you". She deserved a fist bump for that one, lol.

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I use their Z-Wave ones. I have either 5 or 6.

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