Ecolink Garage Door Tilt Sensor

This Zwave+ sensor replace the same except the older sensor was not Zwave+. Both the new and old sometime behave very weird. Here is what happens (albeit infrequently):

On occasion when I open my Foyer/Garage door which is equipped an AEON recessed door sensor, the Ecolink (both the Zwave and the Zwave+) sensor, installed on my main garage door, reports an Open event even though the garage door is closed. Looking at the sensor on the Device page confirms the status as being Open. The distance between the AEON and Ecolink sensor is a good 20 feet. I then have to remove the Ecolink sensor and tilt it several times to reset it to the Close position.

This problem is not new and has been happening for as far back as I can remember. Given it rarely happens this is a minor inconvenience but an inconvenience just the same. My question is, how can one sensor (in this case the AEON door sensor) trigger an event with the Ecolink sensor?

(BTW: The event log for the Ecolink indicates the device opened when in fact it did not)

How frequent is this? Once every 10 times? Once every 100 times?

Can you pull the battery from your Aeon sensor, and then open/close your foyer/garage door a sufficient miner of times where you’re certain it should have happened? If it still happens, then it has to do with the door and not the Aein sensor.

Conversely, if you trigger the Aeon sensor repeatedly right next to the Ecolink sensor, does the frequency increase?

Really hard to answer that. The garage/foyer door is opened very often throughout the day (garage fridge, garbage, recyclables, etc). My guess at least 25 times a day. It can be weeks before the Ecolink reports a false open but it is always when the Garage/Foyer door opens.

I have never actually tried to make this happening but my determination to get to the bottom of this might make me do as you suggested above. Could be painfully slow :smiley:

I am suspecting a ventilation/temperature difference between your house and garage; a sudden exposure to the difference fools the tilt sensor. Is your house well-sealed relative to the garage?

I dont think it could pickup the temp change that fast. The door is never open that long. That said, you may be on to something. There is definitely a pressure difference. Opening that door might raise lower the pressure. It's a weird situation though. When the Ecolink reports a false open I can tap/hit the sensor all I want. Nothing of that kind will reset it. When I remove it and tilt it as if to open I can feel a "weight" roll over inside the sensor. When I put it back in place the weight rolls back and the sensor reports door closed.

Which model Ecolink sensor do you have? Sounds like you have the one with the ball in it. It has been known to get stuck on occasion (see posts below). I have one myself but never have had an issue with it.

Not sure how opening the one door would cause the ball in that sensor to suddenly move and get stuck either.


FWIW out of OCDness I changed my "ball" sensor to a mercury switch (in the same location).

Its now been running for 3 years without a hitch.

One of the posts above was mine.

I eventually added the mercury switch Ecolink tilt sensor so now I have 3 sensors on the garage door :flushed:. My automations are based only on the Ecolink mercury sensor and I have an alert if there is a mismatch between the status of the Go Control tilt sensor and the Ecolink. While not very frequent, I will sometimes get an alert that there is a mismatch and the Ecolink is always right.

Below is a link to one I purchased:

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The sensor you linked appears to have a solid state accelerometer for tilt detection. No mercury or mech switch.

Short of a mercury switch it think the solid state version is far superior. I also feel Ecolink would have a hard time importing a device with mercury in it.


My mistake - I replaced the mercury one with the solid state accelerometer one. That is the one that is most reliable.

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