DZ6HD-1BZ does it need custom driver?

Does this device need a custom driver? If so what driver?

AKA Leviton DZ6HD-1BZ Decora Smart 600W Dimmer with Z-Wave Technology - should be able to use the Generic ZWave Dimmer driver I’d think.

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I have several of these using the Leviton DZ6HD driver which is in the driver list.


I also have several of these using the Leviton DZ6HD Z-Wave Dimmer driver, which is in the HE driver list.

From the firmware updates link here:

One additional item, if you are using the "Leviton DZ6HD Z-Wave Dimmer" driver, I recommend switching to the "Generic Z-Wave Smart Dimmer" driver. The DZ6HD specific driver appears to have a bug in which it queries the device for updates twice rather than just once.

Note that this refers to the "Generic Z-Wave Smart Dimmer", not the "Generic Z-Wave Plus Smart Dimmer" (which should not be used with the DZ6HD).

Is this still true with the .119 release?

I haven’t resniffed it, but I expect that it is still the case. The driver hasn’t changed in a long long time.

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New DZ6HD owner here. 1.22 firmware. Is it typical for this device to report physical off/on for digital commands? Causing some issue for Motion Lightning when “Don’t turn on it turned if turned off manually” setting applied.

Unfortunately. It's a result of the way the driver works with Hail based devices. The device itself doesn't say that whether the change was triggered by a physical or digital command, it just sends a Hail message which instructs the driver to request current state. When the driver requests the state and processes the response, it makes the digital or physical decision based on whether or not a command had previously been sent by the driver. You can see this as the value "bin" in the state variable.

As noted above, if you are using the Leviton DZ6HD Z-Wave Dimmer driver, you are guaranteed to encounter this because the driver has a bug where it requests state twice rather than once. The first response viewed as digital, and the second as physical. I recommend using the Generic Z-Wave Smart Dimmer driver which does not have this issue.


Thank you for the helpful info! Using the Generic Z-Wave Smart Dimmer driver, it appears I continue to get then Physical records in Logs, but not Events. Any thoughts on why that might be?

Interesting. Is this with a built-in zwave driver? If so, you may wish to let Hubitat staff know.

My events and logs match for physical/digital. It would seem very odd that the events and log would not match.

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This is what I’m referring to:

Odd... did you press configure after changing the driver?

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Sure did.

I would recommend waiting several seconds between operations when testing to ensure that you have a wide separation in time of the events. This will give visual separation in the event log and system log which is important because the timestamps will different by a few ms at least. It will also ensure that the device and hub have finished their communication--Hail requires a couple round trips.

Here is a test that I have just run:

The first pair (at 09:34:08 and 09:34:21) are a digital on followed by a digital off.
The second pair (at 09:34:33 and 09:34:45) are a physical on followed by a physical off.
The third pair (at 09:35:00 and 09:35:09) are a physical on followed by a digital off.

For reference, here is the device driver:

If anyone on here wants to test this driver I just made with the DZ6HD dimmer as well? If it works well I can add the fingerprint to my new driver and enable all the parameters. Also, switch the driver to "Device" and then copy the fingerprint from the logs and post it please.

The in-wall and plug dimmer both work the same and have the same settings I believe, so it should work for both devices.

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Custom driver for DZ6HD released


[quote="[DRIVER] Leviton Dimmer Driver (DZPD3 / DZ6HD), post:1, topic:114333"]
As a request from @JoeJ I have created a universal Leviton Dimmer driver that works for both the plug style and in-wall.

Great driver- the parameter selections change depending upon which model (plug-in dimmer DZPD3 or Wall decora dimmer (DZ6HD). Nice to control the strip of dim level LEDs without swapping the Basic ZWave Tool driver in and out, as well as all the other parameters.