Dropdown list in Dashboard


Is it somehow possible to have a dropdown list in Dashboard?

I would like to choose the mode for fan in my bathroom between options "Auto", "Semi-auto", "Manual".
Can it be done using one tile? Something simillar to "Mode" tile would be useful.

Search is your friend :wink:

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Yeah I tried to find something but without success.

The solution I went with in the end was the little driver from Cobra which is detailed in the thread. It works very nicely, including in a dashboard. You have to register at his site (which is free) to get access to his apps and drivers.

Unfortunately it is not a good looking solution for me to have a button which changes the state of that multi-swtich. It doesn't look good :frowning:

I am going to request a new feature - new template for multistate switch.

This probably won't pass your "good looking solution" test but I did this with a virtual dimmer to select between one of three Echo devices. If the dimmer is set to between 0 and 33, do A. If set to 34 to 66, do B. If set 67 to 100 do C. It's the blue slider at the bottom.

And because I'm anal, if I move slider between 0-33, the rule adjusts the slider to 17. If it stops between 34-66, the rule adjusts it to 50. If slider stops between 67-100, the rule adjusts it to 83. This is so the slider stays centered within each section.

It's definitely a hack but maybe it will inspire a better solution.


Ages ago I played around with hiding and showing a tile based on a switch, which I kind of got working but never really used. Could dig out the details if you are interested. The tile I displayed conditionally was a Tile Master tile that had some controls on it, which would give you the multi-select you were after, and even more you wanted to.

It's really creative :smiley: But yeah - it is not the solution which I am looking for. But thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the idea but I am looking for something simplier. I am a little bit tired of looking for workarounds. Such things like that should be natively supported by HE I think.
I created a feature request. Maybe our staff will do it for us :slight_smile:

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No worries. Yeah I would also like to see it natively supported. Was only really thinking that if there's any delay in it happening or they can't do it for any reason then happy to share an alternative, but I agree, would be better to not have to spend the time setting it up.

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How about this for a "simple" workaround for HE dashboards not being quite perfect :rofl:

  • Create a webpage using html/css with the exact pull-down you want/desire
  • Use javascript to send a MakerAPI call to do whatever you want in RM when you change the pull-down
  • Host it on an rPi
  • Add javascript to your page to listen to the eventsocket, to align your html pull down menu option to whatever is the status in HE in case it was changed there
  • Put your html page into your dashboard using the html tile

Simples! :rofl:

(this is basically what I'm doing in my custom dashboard except I don't bother with the final step. I just display the html to a tablet outside of HE).

But yeah, agree. If they could provide us a multi-switch tile that would also be cool!

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Why not just host the HTML file on your hub? Just upload the file through file manager in settings and http://<>/local/<>.html link to it.

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Does it run JavaScript that way? I’ve never tested it. Otherwise how would you get the hub to react to any action taken on that html page?

There is a built-in app named Maker API. You can use this to do HTTP POST and GET commands with your devices. It's fairly easy to use once you see how it works.

Very familiar with this. But I don’t see how it answers the OP’s question.

Here is a crude proof of concept.

  1. Create an HTML page with a Drop Down list
  2. Upload that html page to the hub using File Manager in Settings
  3. Create a Link tile that pulls up the HTML page on the hub

When you press that tile, the HTML page comes up with the drop down selection
Set the drop down selections and the Activate or Submit button to call the Maker API URL.

I use WebCore because I've used it for years and feel most comfortable in it. For my example I created a Piston in WebCore where I execute what I want done. The Scene names are dropped to a Global Variable Connector on the hub and I use that variable in WebCore to modify the single piston.

You can do this as well with RM.

This is the Maker API URL to set the Global Variable Connector Device to the name of the Scene I want to use from the drop-down:

Example Maker API URL calling to a WebCore Piston: http://192.168.xx.xx/apps/api/6/execute/:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:?access_token=xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx

Here is the Piston in WebCore:

This can be done much more eloquently and act more like the "Mode" button with a pop-up web page using native Dashboard or iFrameAdvanced.

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Ok but it doesn’t put a drop down into the dashboard, right? You have to click on a tile to open the html. It’s ok but not exactly what he was asking as far as I can see.

An iframe virtual device would show the html page with a dashboard attribute tile.


This is the behavior that OP wants to replicate. There is a selection pop-up for Modes and HSM:

I did put in the HTML code to close the window after the Activate Button is clicked and this is the one on the left.
The tile on the right is using an iFrameAdvanced virtual device that @Navat604 is referring to.
2023-02-14 11_41_22-Dashboards and 6 more pages - Work - Microsoft​ Edge



Hmmm... I feel I want to look at this (with an iFrame) but have too many other things on my list of things to look at :slight_smile: Looks like @bclark has nailed it.