[DRIVER] Zooz ZAC36 Titan Water Valve Actuator

On my Titan with the battery pack, I'm seeing this single "Unhandled" line when I do a Refresh...

On my Titan w/ no battery pack, here are the Refresh logs for comparison:

Ok I was getting that on mine with no battery pack before I updated to 1.19, it’s an idle state message. When you get a chance post a log of what it looks like when you switch to battery and back to mains. Also do a refresh while on battery power to see what it sends back.

Right on... Here are the logs starting with the action of going from mains --> battery power, then doing a refresh while on battery, then going back to mains from battery.

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Added this driver to HPM, pointing to the current beta version (which is on a separate gitHub branch if you go looking on my repo for it). Existing users can run a matchup in HPM and it should pick it up. Revamped the entire main post to be in line with my other drivers.

So far so good on testing it seems, I do have that unhandled event taken care of and reworked the power source refreshing based on the logs from @hydro311. I am working on fixing up the handling of switching the settings between F and C, trying to make it as user friendly as possible. The reports from the device will get converted to C/F based on your hub settings, regardless of the setting on the driver. Speaking of that confusing point I am changing some of the settings titles and/or adding descriptions where I feel it is needed.


You rock - thank you!!

I should have my battery backup Monday, I'll report back if I find any issues


Look forward to your experience... Mine is working well (AFAIK - I fortunately haven't had a need to truly find out!)

I got it right before they released the Z38, since I was interested in getting another device that could trigger a power-outage alert. I originally had just one Ring repeater in my setup carrying that responsibility. I've since picked up a few 38s, but this Titan is on a different circuit from those, so that's a nice win.

I of course also like the peace-of-mind knowing the main supply can still get cut off if things really go south.

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Was the battery an addition? I don't have one. I use an old water cop for the main line and use the titan for the hose bibs. I'm on a well, so maybe battery isn't that important. I did a lot of thinking and rules regarding smoke detectors and cutting off the water.

Yes it’s not included and came out after the original launch of the shut off. They don’t do a great job of making it known on the product page for the zac36 either.

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Mine's been working great.
I had it turning on and off once a day, plus, during the summer because I didn't trust the chintzy plastic hose bib timers to not break and spew water all over the place.
Something to think about is that Zooz actually publishes a number of cycles the valve is good for.
I'm not letting it stop me though, lol.

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

And how many cycles is that?

Read the manual. :slight_smile:

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Man, I thought I missed it on their site. Manual I read a handful of times before installing while waiting for the plumber. Don't recall reading that in the specs section. Just re-downloaded it and doesn't state it anywhere.

Can you point me into where you seen this...

I know I read it somewhere.
I was hoping not to look for it, lol.

Yeah, it's news to me. I figured you had an older one production of this that once showed something like that, and they might have removed it.

It was in the faq:

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Ahhh nice. Good to know, it'll work for all these years to come. I appreciate you digging that up.

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Added the battery back-up to my ZAC36 and re-paired the driver. All attributes are showing up correctly after changing the driver to the custom driver.


Does the battery power Z-Wave connectivity during an outage?
I can see it standalone turning off water based on temperature or water leakage.

The battery powers the Titan when mains power is out. If your HE is also on a UPS, then it can tell the Titan to actuate in that case.

The Titan also comes with its own wired leak sensor that can automatically close the valve when it's wet (on mains or battery power)

With the battery and Jeff's awesome driver, you can use the Titan as another outage monitoring device (it reports mains or battery for the powerSource attribute).