Discussion about the C7

Mines a v2 using the current FW - ad down below, I can only click the change button, I can’t manually select the listed channels.

Oh I believe you, just saying it’s not possible that an RF clash with zwave is responsible, something else is going on.

What Zigbee channel is your Hubitat set to?

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Is that different from your hue hub?

It's unplugged, and I hope it stays that way, lol.


I don't know if you saw it, but I was involved in slowwww world for a month, and I don't want to ever go back. :slight_smile:


I must have missed that, understandable tho.

The horror, the horror...

Well, for laughs I plugged it back in again. I had joined the Hue bulb to Hubitat, as a generic zigbee outlet I believe. (Tried the Hue bulb driver, but it didn't work.)

Anyway, the channel Hue chose is 25. I'll monitor it for interference.

What do you do with these Hue hubs, anyway?

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I put all of my Cree bulbs on the Hue hub because they destroy the mesh on the HE and were extremely unstable on the Lightify Gateway. They have been rock solid on the Hue.

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I only have that one bulb, and that motion sensor

I have a number of Hue bulbs and lightstrips, and I keep them on the Hue hub, as it's bulletproof. I don't use the Hue for anything but bulb hosting though. All my automation, groups, etc are done on Hubitat.


I only have 5 bulbs but the hue was cheaper than replacing the bulbs. It's on channel 25 and I have zero issues with the bulbs anymore. I do no programming on the Hue either. It's just an interface to the bulbs.


I run 2 Hue bulb equipped lamps in our bedroom on them as only the Hue hub can manage power recovery with them. (as in preventing them from turning on when power is restored at 2am in the morning).

I also have at least 3 other bulbs throughout the house that get powered off at the switch and having them on Hubitat is a great way to stuff your mesh up ime.

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I didn't realize that bulbs could reinforce the mesh.

As I'm getting more into the Hubitat lifestyle, I guess I'm going to have to research about backup power for the hub. I'm getting a standby generator in the Spring, (long waiting list), and have a fantasy about building a GenMon system, although I'm understanding the generator company is encrypting stuff to thwart third parties.

This is a good mini-ups I've had experience with.

It can also handle some 5-8 port switches as well.


Thanks for the link. Are there ways to gracefully shut down HE programmatically?
(I haven't started searching yet, so sorry if this has been addressed a lot already.)

I know you can make an http "post" to http://yourhubip:8080/hub/reboot
to get the hub to reboot..

Maybe there is a shutdown option as well. Have not tried that.

I wrote a guide here:

it'll work with any backup power solution.



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