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That's cool thanks! also I might add if you are using a Ring Extender Gen 2 then you can test for power being either on "battery" or "mains" as well.

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Now you're just showing off. :wink:

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I do this using Node-red (nodered.org). The basic logic and steps are here Shutdown and restart Hub in case of power outage (Node-red solution) - LONG READ.

The approach that @dJOS linked to is similar. The main difference is that

  1. Node-red is an external solution (not Hubitat native)
  2. I shut down the hub after 15 minutes and if the power comes back on, it restarts the hub. I figured that if there was no power, the automations would not work in any case. If the outage is long enough for the UPSs to run out of battery, the hub would restart in any case when power came back.

If you're not using hub security, the easiest way is probably HTTP Momentary Switch driver by @ogiewon and the shutdown URL http://hubitat.local/hub/shutdown


Everything has been working great for me for the past few weeks - until last night. My wife came upstairs and complained that the patio lights weren’t turning off. I had to manually flip them off because they were unresponsive. Today, more devices aren’t responding. I looked at the Zwave details and many devices have crazy routes with 3-5 devices in them. The hub reboots nightly so that has not fixed this issue. Sigh - everything worked so well for so long....

Crazy routes aren't really a big deal if you have all zwave plus and no zwave. They'll fix themselves if they run into problems. I'd check to make sure all your devices have something in the clusters column in settings, zwave details and you log is clean of errors. If there is a device hosing up the radio a safe shutdown and pull power from the wall for a minute should clear up the radio, but you'll still need to track down the misbehaving device. @gopher.ny might be able to take a look and see what device is causing the issue.

Yeah, I shut it down and pulled the power earlier today and everything is back up. I’ll need to figure out which device may be at issue. I suspect it is my Zooz plug.

Part of the issue I'm seeing is that certain bad routes never clear without an exclude/include.. I see this right now at a clients - I have 2 Zen23 V3s (4.01 firmware) that are limping along a 9.6kbits - refresh/repair/power off/waiting a few weeks - nothing works. The devices themselves either cannot find a good route through the hub or are not trying even though there are plenty available nearby with excellent routes/speed including repeaters etc.

i have also seen bad routes and nothing works.. havn't tried re-pairing them.. same as you mostly zooz. i think there are issues with their firmware and the 700 where they don't recalculate routes correctly.


Came into my office this morning and my ceiling fan isn’t working. I hit refresh and it is stuck in “Pending” status. I can’t really check many other devices at this stage due to it being 4 AM, but I did see that my minimote’s button presses are registering. The ceiling fan is using an in-wall Vision remote and has been rock solid on ST and Hubitat over the years.

Everything worked well for 2-3 weeks and now in the last week, I’ve seen issues twice. I suspect I’m going to find several devices not working later today and maybe a power pull on the hub resolves it (or maybe not). At this stage, I need another alternative. I don’t have time to sit on the forums and regularly read dozens of posts to try to figure stuff out. I know it’s Christmas so I don’t expect immediate help, but I’m getting pretty frustrated. Maybe it’s the Zooz ZEN25 device and maybe I should yank it until those issues are resolved (if they ever are). Or maybe I should do what I said in the original post of this thread and just move on.

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And it just started working again by itself. Need to test some other devices which weren't working earlier to see if they're working also. This is the frustration with Hubitat - when it works, it is incredible but these glitches are all too frequent and even my wife notices and makes comments.

This morning my office left office lamp did not respond to a single tap. I looked at the right office lamp and it showed "on" even though I turned it off last night. When I refreshed the device page it then showed as off and worked on the "first" tap.

I am going to add a repeater to make sure everything is okay. I wonder if the zigbee radio is weaker on the C-5 because this always worked on the C-4 in the same hub location.

Hi All - Coming over from ST due to all the issues that platform has been experiencing with switches and sensors falling offline. I recently purchased the C7 and started slowly moving my devices over. After reading this thread, it seems like this platform has its own fair share of issues. Is it worth me investing all this time moving everything over to HE? Did FW2.2.4 fix most of the issues described in this thread. Not sure if I should proceed or try to find a better platform?

That is a very hard thing to answer without knowing your setup, devices and particular use-case.

In general I would say HE is absolutely worth it. There are some "teething pains" with the new C-7 hub but they are being resolved by HE and the community has found workarounds for most. There were also some issues when the C-5 hub was released too but they eventually got worked out. The developers at HE has been very responsive and firmware updates have been very fast so am not too worried.

My 2 systems I support are mostly working fine. Any issues are minor and/or easily dealt with - no showstoppers. I have a 3rd system going online probably tomorrow or Saturday.

The main appeal for me with HE was/is the local processing and the flexibility - I am not reliant on Hubitat Inc for anything at this point other than firmware updates.


This. The C-7 is still new. The number of bugs that remain are miniscule compared to a few months ago. And Hubitat is clearly devoting massive amounts of engineering time to fix the remaining issues.


Thanks for the response. I should have been more specific. My system has about 90 devices on it - mostly switches / plugs, door locks, and hue hub. I also do have a handful of IP cameras with a few that run off Surveillance Station on my Synology NAS. My roadblock at this time is setting my cameras on the HE Dashboard. Ive tried every option I managed to read about to no luck. Using Iframe and image tiles to import my camera links. The links work fine in the browser but nothing happens when I put them in the tiles. I guess i need to do some more homework on that - not trying to highjack this thread.

I guess ill keep at it - worst case I can always fall back to ST. So far love the speed of the system running locally.


How many zwave devices and what kinds? Zwave seems to be the issue with the C7 hub but let me tell you, the issues were much worse a month or two ago and Hubitat has made some good strides. Even still, the glitches are annoying and I believe a new firmware is around the corner which will hopefully correct the issue with the zwave radio locking up.

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I have about 45-50 Z-Wave (mix of Z-Wave and Z-Wave+), 80-ish Zigbee. Majority of Z-Wave is switches/dimmers and plugs. Majority of ZIgbee are motion/contact sensors, with a number of Zigbee plugs to serve as repeaters. Single story ranch.

Currently running w/out any issues and generally have been for a while (except for specific automations/apps where the issues have usually been app-related, or "me-related"), as opposed to issues w/my devices not working properly).

But this is a YMMV situtation, due to differences in home construction/layout, which devices (brands and/or types) are being used and their locations in the home, hub location, etc., etc. So I'll tell you "It's great, life will be perfect, your family will hug you and your neighbors will be jealous!" and someone else will call HE "A pit of quicksand that is slowly drowning me." And both of us will be right. :wink: Either way you won't know until you try. :slight_smile:

I do recommend the "Rip off the Band-Aid approach:" I switched from ST to HE over a day or two. Didn't want to have two weak meshes trying to run both side-by-side. Exclude from ST then add to HE starting w/powered/repeating devices closest to the HE hub, working outwards from the hub. Rebooting the hub along the way as you include groups of devices may make things go smoother. Add battery devices last.

If you have locks then you may want to have a long ethernet cord to get the hub near the locks for more reliable join, locks tend to play hard-to-get due to low-power joining.


I wonder if you could use a secondary controller like a Z-Stick+ for adding locks maybe? You'd bring the stick close to the lock, do the pairing thing and then plug it back into your computer and let the PC Controller Sw finish the job?

My understanding is you can include via a detached secondary controller even S0 security - but not S2.

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