Did you order?

Hi @Carl that's a good news! Have you acomplished to do some automation with the lock? (Open, close...) How do you manage the diferent users and their passwords? Or you only can read the lock status?


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Hi again @Angel

As I mentioned previously, the lock is unfortunately still not installed on the door and due to this I have not been trying anything with users and codes... but I assume you set these with the app or? And to be honest, I haven't even the app on my phone yet!

I just made a small test rule and naturally it locked/un-locked as intended indicating the correct status as well, so therefore I assume that it won't be any problem to include the lock in any of my other rules.

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Hi Angel,

I am also Spanish and I am thinking on buying the HE.

What’s your opinion on the product in Spain? I am asking because everything I see on the internet is US based. Is everything working? Anything to consider before buying?

Something important, when you said 138 € you meant VAT? So you had to pay 100 euros for the product + 138 euros for IVA and import taxes?
Because that's a lot! :cold_sweat:

Thank you in advance,


Seems like Angel is occupied with something else at the moment, therefore I can give you a few answers instead as a fellow European. :slightly_smiling_face:

As you probably already have noticed, there are a few different versions of Hubitat Elevation. But as long as you purchase the correct one you're good to go. The only difference between these will be the Z-wave frequency, so you need to use the included USB-stick designed for the EU. The Zigbee will be the same despite wherever you are situated.

Naturally I cannot answer how the accessibility of devices are in Spain, but here in Sweden they are showing up both here and there, not to mention IKEA. Otherwise internet will be your friend, preferably within EU due to the duty taxes from outside.

And speaking of duty taxes and the cost for the hub, I assume that Angel meant that it ended up with 138€ in total, because that will correlate to what I did pay for mine.

Best regards

Hi again, I’m back in the motherland, Norway.

Nice to see more new users from EU here, just great!

So far i have played and learned a bit, and status so far:

Xiaomi temp and humid sensors in every room connected and working. :slight_smile: A bit tricky to join the hub, but reading posts and tips, its not so bad. Stable for now.

Xiaomi Xoor and window sensor on main door, and notifying me on the Hubitat Android app when operated with a message with date time and state.

Have more sensors to connect, also some buttons and magic cube, and also GLEDOPTO LED strip for the TV.

One GLEDOPTO E27 socket 12W connected and working great. Also use the GLEDOPTO remote and got this working parallell with HE, thats cool. Looks like more bulbs must be ordered. :slight_smile:

Now I am looking for a good wall plugg to control heat ovens and lamps based on modes and motion detection. Any suggestions? I think the IKEA wall plugg is a bit big, but have some of you tried an affordable one that works with HE.

No lock ordered yet, but it looks like the Danalock V3 could work.

My big next question is if anyone have tried the ELKO Smart dimmers? They look great and can be used locally and maybe HE at the same time? That is my hope, but will they work... hmmm

This is as far as I have come yet, but getting further and further into this, and loving it!

Just a quick update, so just ask if I can help with what I have tried so far.

Kind regards
Oslo, Norway

Do you still need a USB for z-wave? I thought Hubitat included z-wave into the box now.

I’m thinking about moving from my Homey Pro to Hubitat. Anything we here in Sweden have to think about in regards of compatibility?
I will add my Hue lights directly because I want just one ZigBee mesh network and I want as few devices, as in hubs, as possible. When I moved from HA to Homey, that was one of the reasons.
Homey works ok but sometimes some devices doesn't go on or off, and also it is a bit slow. But main reason to go to Hubitat is that you can make more advanced flows (automations) and better compatibility. I cant control my GoGoGate with Homey for example.

So, do you guys think I will be happy with Hubitat? :slight_smile:

Yes, for EU you need this still. For the US model its onboard, and not needed, but thats the wrong model for EU.

As for other compatibiliy stuff to think about in Sweden, is what fits in the wall and have the right frequency bands for the EU model.

Regarding speed, I have not read about anything faster and stable as the hubitat yet. As an example, it takes two seconds from opening the door until you have a notification on you cellphone. Crazy fast. Updates from motion sensors is like instant and controlling lights is the same. I love it, as for my input!

Kind regards
Oslo, Norway

Ok, not a dealbreaker but I think they should have updated all models with integrated Z-wave.

I think I will go ahead a order a Hubitat. It’s not that expansive and I want something new to get my hands on. :slight_smile:

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GREAT! I do not think you will regret it! Welcome onboard!!!

By the way, if it might help others, here are the items I have ordered from Alix.

Only the Xiami button, CUBE, LED strip and the extra remote for the GLEDOPTO bulbs are not tested yet(Very nice unit, and can be used togeather as a wall controller for group of lights/bulbs too). But I am confident it all will work great (due to reading posts here)

Next is to find some good wall pluggs for EU, to a sane price. I also need a Zigbee repeater soon, and here is the idea that the wall plug can help me with that. That or the IKEA repeater that is known to be good also for locks. :slight_smile:

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Just placed the order. Let the waiting game begin. :smiley:

I have only ordered once from Ali and then the import fees here in Sweden almost made the things I bought more expensive. How is it in Norway?

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Well, as of this year, we also have to pay VAT+handling fee on everything from China too, so I did order a bit before it hits us too. Good times are soon over, so mad I did not order more GLEDOPTO in first order. Grr... :thinking:

Great to see more Scandinavians using the Hubitat and as already mentioned @ktd, you will not be disappointed! :wink:

I can also confirm that the Xiaomi Cube is quite useful and versatile, actually one of the few devices apart from three buttons (and two phones for presence) that we are using to manually interact with our home in general. The rest is automated, as it should! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Totally agree, @Carl!

What do you use for powerplugg controll, any good advice for a working one for a nice price?


@RogerThat I'm using the IKEA as repeaters for the Zigbee and they play nicely with Xiaomi/Aqara, then again I have to agree in the fact that they're not the best looking ones. Therefore we don't have them in plain sight where possible, as for increasing the stability for the Z-wave, we eight of these bought from Aliexpress.


The only issue with these is that the included driver has a mismatch when setting the preferences, as apparently there is either a specific EU version or maybe generation thing preventing this. Despite of this, the functionality is working prefect and they are almost as fast as the Zigbee ones.


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Do you meen the Trådfri plugs also works as a repeater too? If so good news. :+1:

Correct! :upside_down_face:

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The Gledopto lamps repeat nicely with Xiaomi products based on my experience....

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Hi @RogerThat,

I finally bought the HE, hope I can have it soon here in Spain.

As a newbie, I am starting from the ground. I only have some echo speakers around the house but no sensors whatsoever.

To start I am planning on buying "cheap" sensors like the xiaomi/aqara ones and link them with the HE. I've read many comments saying that it is difficult to get them to work well without the xiaomi hub.
If I want to use them ( with no special hub), should I stay with xiaomi/aqara products for the sensors and Ikea smart plugs as repeaters?
May I connect then any zigbee light bulb/led strip I want?

As I am new to this world I don't want to complicate myself straight from the beginning. :sweat_smile:

Thank you in advante.

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The Trådfri plugs kept my Sylvania mesh happy for a long time. It wasn't until I added about 15 Iris motion sensors that I got bit by the bulb bug. Last night I moved about 30 devices over to a new hub and my now non-Sylvania mesh started responding again.

Now I have to figure out where to put all those Trådfri plugs. I put three on the lighting mesh and I need to find all the old ones on the original mesh and redeploy. The two Zigbee meshes don't overlap 100% so I'm sure there are unneeded or duplicated ones on the old setup.

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