Did you order?

Hi potenital EU users!

Just ordered mine last friday and the HE team sent it out the door, before I got the order confirmation e-mail, almost! Hehe.
Looking forward to get it and study like crazy to find good stuff to control.
Any one else out there from Norway?

Kind regards,
Roger That
Oslo, Norway


Welcome to the forum!

Not Norway but Sweden, so pretty close anyway! Nice to see that this epic device is being spread so far up north in Europe, we really need something to help us turning on and off the lights during the long and dark winter time! :wink:


Hey, great!

I guess most of the same stuff is available in Sweden and Norway.
The quest have started. :slight_smile:

The plan is to start out small, with something like this:

  1. Thermostat(Manual+HE controled) for the floor heat in bathroom w/temp/humidity sensor (Xiaomi one?) and a switch to control the ventilation fan when needed.
  2. Wall plugs for the radiators
  3. Thermostats in the rooms with radiators

The next step is to start with motion/door/windows to automate some lightning and radiator control when windows are open and during the night/away scenarios. The heat is what i spend money on. Hot water is included, so not much to gain there.

Though, electricity in Norway is the cheapest in the world, I guess, so spending too much on controling it, might not be too smart. It sould pay for itselves within a year or two, so the cost of each component must be farely moderate.

Have not decided on Alexa or Google Home yet. Not an easy choice I feel. Many cool integrations for Alexa for hubitat already, but no Norwegian support (not that it matters too much), but google Home does support native. But, not found too much HE posts on Google Home mini yet. Most seems to have gone for the Alexa. Hmm...

Must say it was pretty cool to save a note reminder when I put in the rib-steak and set several timers during cooking yesterday, fun stuff. The logic on Google with follow up and several commands at once, seems to get the better of me. Alexa seems to lag behind a bit here...

Also have a Samsung QLED 2019 and Sonos, so have a lot to play around with there as well. Tried the apps on the phone and can control it. Not too many functions work through ST on either of them. Input changes only work on Google, but opening netflix app, seems more of a challenge. Anyway, that was just some playing around to get the basics with both apps yesterday, so need more investigation... :wink:

Been looking at the motion, temp and door/windows sensors from Xiaomi, and it looks interesting. Though, no order yet. Also Sonoff stuff might be a road, but again, just looking at what others have tried and learning from what is shared here. A LOT!!! :-o

So, I will keep on investigating the forums to at least try to see what is stable and works well, for a sane price.

Ikea stuff also looks cool, and we both have that fairly close to home. :slight_smile:

Any shared experience for my long road ahead is really appreciated!!!

Kind regards
Oslo, Norway


I am a Norwegian living in Norway and have been using Hubitat for some months now. I started out with SmartThings (ST) a couple of years ago, but after a major power outage where we lost both the hot water, the heating of the house and lights (my wife was not impressed...) I decided to try out the Hubitat. So far it has worked perfectly.

For now, I am using both Hubitat and ST, as my original ST system had grown "a bit" (way more than 120 units attached/controlled). I will spend some time to move one unit after the other from ST to Hubitat to make sure that everything works OK.

I am not sure if I would recommend the Xiaomi sensors (Zigbee) as they can be a bit tricky to keep stable in the system. I have a few temperature sensors from Xiaomi installed and they have been quite stable, but sometimes they just disappear from the system and need to be reinstalled - which can be a bit tricky.

I am using a lot of different products from different producers and if you are looking for stable and cheap sensors, take a look at Neo Coolcam. I have several sensors (40-50 units or something) from them (Z-Wave) and they have ALL been working perfectly for a very long time.

Also, I am using Google Assistant (Google Home Mini, Google Home Hub, Nest Hub Max, etc.) and everything works smoothly. "Open Door" (plus a security code) is working for my garage door...

In addition, I have also installed several Phillips Hue lamps (and the bridge) and lamps from IKEA in addition to Nest Hello (great to have the possibility to see and talk to visitors at the door by use of the Google system). So far, I have not found any solution to integrate the Nest Protect sensors and the Yale Doorman lock in the system. Hopefully, this will be possible sometimes later.

Great to hear that also others here in Norway are using the Hubitat!



Hei, hyggelig å høre fra noen norske her!

Yes, I read that many have a challenge to have the Xiaomi to be stable, for many reasons, but probably mostly mesh-related, I guess.

Have started to build a basket On AliXpress where I have the Neo Coolcam Stufff already chosen. :wink:

I have so far desided to stick to Z-wave pluss devices, so lets see if that will give a good stable solution over time.

Instead of going for a temp/humid. sensor, I now do some research on multisensor motion detectors. Why not do all in one, even if it is a tad expensive, when will save some on batteries, I guess.

My son have the HUE hub with a strip and a few bars already, so I found a bunch of nice priced GLEDOPTO lamps that actually works on the Hue system. They are not as good, but hey, for that pricecomparison, no problem! :slight_smile: They also have a very cool kit for TV backlite strips.
The coolcam plugs seems to do the trick for my radiators and some other lamps in the guest area and so on.
Link to lampstore:

Motion sensors is a hard one to choose. Also a good temperature device for main living room area is a little strugle to pick.

Did you try the Coolcam door/Z-Wave window sensors too?

I did not buy anything yet, so very open for input and experiences from this fantastic forum. I an IT guy and have an education in service electronics, so I just love this stuff! :slight_smile:

It looks like I will end up with the Google home products for voice control. It seems to handle temperature sensors a bit better/easier, out of the box with Hubitat/Google home integration. But, still not sure, I might get both of them, they all have their strengts and weaknesses, as far as i have found until now...

Keep you all posted how I’m doing. Leaving for Asia trip tomorrow, so I plan to order on the road, so I have something to play with when i get back right before New Years Eve... Leaving the snow to backpack Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand for almost a month, so Its a perfect time for study of all this!

Thank you so much for all advice!

Kind regard
Oslo, Norway

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Och hej från Sverige igen!!

I did also start to get my feet wet with SmartThings some time ago, since then I’ve been jumping back and forth between Home Assistant and Hubitat Elevation. And now for a few months I’ve only been using HE, and due to its maturity lately I really enjoy the ease of use in comparison to HA.

Regarding the compability I still think HA is hard to beat, and for me the only thing I miss in HE will be our Roborock S50. But this have been solved by installing a vibration sensor on the vacuum itself, as soon as that one is triggered HE will turn off all of our motion sensors and when “she” is done the motion sensors will be active again.

Without any doubts, I’m going against most recommendations by using all of our bulbs directly linked to the one and single hub, these are by the way all from IKEA apart from one HUE. The latter I do regret a bit, not due to the performance in any way, but I think that they are far too expensive compared to what you’re getting.

All of our sensors will be Xiaomi/Aqara through and through, the Zigbee mesh will be amplified with a few IKEA-outlets here and there, not that I’ve ever needed it but it cannot hurt. We have not experienced any drop of sensors or bulbs so far, in other word fast and reliable as it turns out despite the experience of others.

For the Z-wave we have eight power plugs, and I had to move them around a bit to improve both the speed and reliability. Now they all seem to working as intended, actually they seem to be so reliable that the one of next devices to be installed will be a Danalock V3 for our front door connected though Z-wave. To be honest, the lock is already included and controllable by the hub, I just have to install the sucker on the door.

I also have to admit that I bought a second hub on Black Friday, couldn’t resist the lowest price yet as far as I know. With that said, I’m hoping that we in the future will see a similar price levels as for the US and North America also for the rest of world, it will probably increase the sales in our regions as well.

None the less, good luck with both your trip to Asia and your journey with the Hubitat Elevation... it will be a fun one! :blush:

Kind regards

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Hi, how nice of You!

Love the input and I think so far, you have all been spot on!
I get a bunch of fantastic tips on how to move forward, and I am so greatfull for that! Thank You so much!!!

I have also thought that Xiaomi stuff should be reliable, and I do think a bad mesh coverage might be the reason people experience drops. The protocol itselves should not be faulty. Many major vendors use this, so I actually have some faith.
The motion sensors looks really neat, and the temp/humid. Sensor also looks like a typical Xiaomi device, in a good way.

In the living room, I’m still looking for a good temp sensor with a good looking display for temperature. Not sure what to choose here yet. High priced, most of them...

The Ikea outlets sounds like a good tip to strengthen the mesh field, good tip!

I also looked at the same door lock from Danalock and it looks great. The other one from US, Alfred or what its named, seems like an overpriced hot new product, so I’ll pass on that one for now. But the Danalock V3 seems perfect for our needs, and does the same. Most keys-bodies in Norway are not round, so I have to use a solution like that one.

About the the black firday deal, Yeah, that was very nice. Not under $70 though, so the EU model came in just below $130 with shipment to Norway. I just should have bought too... Dangh... And I bet I get a fingerslap when the customs touch it (25% tax on top of that) I guess we as consumers also have to pay a lot extra for not joining the EU (Punishment, hahaha)

If may wife and I where not travelling tomorrow, I would have ordered a lot more on black friday, but so it goes. Without complaining, of course... hehe

Thanks for for wishes and amazing effort with good advice!
Love the spirit and will share what is to come! :slight_smile:

Again, Thanks!

Kind regards,
Oslo, Norway

Hi again!

Just had a little conversation with a friend of mine regarding home automation. His story was simple.

Damn it, its all connected, and the house will be cold when the internet goes down.

I just told him about HE! Hahahaha Moaahhhahahaha

Simple, humble, but true!

Eat that, all others!


Xiaomi uses their own variant of Zigbee that is 'incompatible' with the standards. @mike.maxwell detailed the differences about a year ago. There's two ways that improve Xiaomi... 1) use their Hub in much the same way you use Hue's hub. 2) deploy repeaters that are friendly to Xiaomi... the Ikea device are well liked.

In other words, it IS the protocol :slight_smile: and Xiaomi's intentional miss on matching spec. The community's expectation is that the newer line will be Zigbee 3.0 and will meet spec.

Bottom line, you pay the price of the cheaper Xioami in the form of drop offs.

Disclaimer: I have ZERO Xiaomi devices.. I am only 'parroting back' opinions I've read here in the Community.

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I can recommend both the door/window sensors from Coolcam. I have several of them installed and I have never had any failure/problem with any of them.

Have a great trip to Asia!

@RogerThat Here's a visual from my zigbee mesh based on Xiaomi friendly repeaters. I have 2 HE hubs, one set up with Iris 3210-L repeaters that do not work with Xiaomi and the other setup with Ikea smart plugs for repeaters. You can see in this graphic how all of my devices connect and remain stable with the Ikea repeaters. This includes other non Xiaomi devices. When I tested to get this visual I could see where I had a weak spot in my mesh so I ordered another Ikea plug to deal with that.


Only way to integrate a Yale Doorman lock here in Sweden is through the Verisure unofficial mobile API. You don’t need the alarm with a subscription, the micro box and a free account is sufficient .

I have written a cloud driver for Verisure which supports most of the sensors and of course the lock. If you like to test just drop me a pm!

That is a very nice tip, so thank you soo much for the information.
Seems like the mesh coverage is the culprit for the xiaomi devices to drop(probably other stuff too), and the IKEA plug sounds like a good repeater. Great tip, thanks, very helpfull!

Kind regards

Hey again.

The HE is now in house, my son picked it up while we travel. :slight_smile:

Right now at Koh Chang in Thailand, after Cambodia, Siam Reap, Angkor Wat, then to Koh Rong Sanloem and Koh Rong.

Must say, Thailand lifts the trip to another level. Never seen more open corruption than in Cambodia, ever! :frowning:
Don’t think we ever try that again. Sad though, lovely people, but the contry is too corrupt to function properly.

Can’t wait to get my fingers on my HE, though... :slight_smile:

Kind regards,
(Thailand) :desert_island:


One of our active community members, @Angus_M, is in Thailand. Although I believe he might currently be visiting the US.

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Hi, yeah. Was in the USA (Vegas) for work and a little holiday time, back in Thailand now, near Pattaya. Enjoying the new toys I got while in the USA (Nest Home Hub - the one with face recognition, the smaller Home Hub, Philips Hue Sync, la la la). I just finished rigging up the Sync box. So cool. I have all sorts of ridiculously flashing lights behind and around the TV now lol. My eyes are bleeding it's so cool.


Welcome to this beautiful country. Take care on the crazy and very dangerous roads. Where r u? If you are still on Koh Chang, take a look at Long Beach. A bit tricky to get to (and all the better for that) and absolutely stunning.

Long Beach, Koh Chang Tai, Ko Chang District, Trat, Thailand

Not a zigbee repeater in sight, that's for sure :smile:

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Yeah, still at Koh Chang.
At White Sand Beach, which also lives up to it's name well. Stunning here too!

Not sure if we pass Pattaya, but one never knows. Let you know if we do! :+1::desert_island:

View from the terrace.

Not complaining at all right now! :wink:


Hi guys, here a new user from Spain. I've received the C5 from Santa, a bit pricey because the customs...:frowning_face: (138€ at the front door).

My Zigbee mesh it's only with Xiaomi devices and 3 Sengled bulbs, without problems at the moment. As my C5 hub is a bit little far from the front door, I must wait to have some Zwave devices to built a solid mesh and try to link my Danalock lock. I talked with the Danalock helpdesk some days ago and they told me I must link the lock with the Danabridge gateway that they expect to put in the market in the first quarter of 2020.
I hope to progress in my set-up with your help, also I will try to share my experiences.

Kind regards, Angel

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Hi Angel,

Well about the Danabridge, I'm not that sure...


And this will be my lock without any bridge...

Never the less, good luck with your home automation endeavor and as you already have identified... do use this excellent forum if you bump into any problems! :blush:

Best regards

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