Devices that need drivers

Thought it would be useful to have a place to list any devices that still need a driver, or a dedicated one. Then as and when a driver is made / found it can be linked to and or crossed of the list. Hopefully there will be developers out that will be willing to build them :wink:. Please add your known ones to the trail.

Fibaro Universal Binary Sensor (I have a ported one from ST but its not great, it needs a re wright for HE)

Now built-in but not for a C-7 hub.

Aeotec Water Sensor 6

Built-in driver

Aeotec Dual Nano switch (No stock driver for a dual switch)

Has a built in driver but it's very slow to respond.

Aeotec Shutter (no standard blind driver but the qubino stock one does seem to work)

Has a built in driver but it needs work.

Aeon Labs DSC24-ZWUS (requires a energy reporting driver)


I'll just put this here. :joy:
If anyone has a driver for this thing but missed my post.
I just need better power measurement.

I (and a few others) have these Greenwave plugs in the UK (Z-wave).
As yet I've been unsuccessful porting the driver over from ST. Any help appreciated.

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A couple more that would be nice

Fibaro Zware Door/Window Sensor (with temp Sensor) v1

INNR Zigbee Remote Control

Worth adding to the list of Tech that I have but can't use :frowning:

I didn't see any mention of the Innr Remote in that thread, just the infamous EcoSmart. Maybe I missed something? Otherwise, the Innr manual looks promising: the device uses the ZHA 1.2 profile and has separate instructions for "Bridge pairing" vs. "standalone mode," the latter of which sounds like it would probably use group broadcasting but the former of which makes it sound like there's some hope. Sounds a lot like the (supported) Eria Dimmer.

But a separate issue: this product doesn't have look like it's currently available and I'm not sure it ever was in the US, so it might be hard for staff to get one.

Radio Thermostat CT32

Rboy had a good driver on Smartthings but no similar on Hubitat.

Driver for Internet Radio's based on the Frontier Silicon chipset, this is how it is been done in Home Assistant

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MCO Home MH7-XX thermostat.

Generic driver is ok ish but does weird things.