Devices "migrated" but none work: C5 to C8-Pro

You could exclude them with any hub, or just factory reset them.

Might want to also try my suggestion above, we were posting at the same time. Maybe if that one ghost is gone it will just start working :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

You have 3 ghosts.... Those need to go. Likely they're preventing you from adding a new device.

That doesn't work. Refresh on 0x19 gives "[warn]Z-Wave Network responded with Busy message." in the logs, every time, but no on-screen messages. Refresh just comes back, no "Remove" button.

I would believe that device is the issue, but Hubitat can't seem to kill it.

Oh, I didn't grok how bad it is... every "Refresh" gives that error. Same problem I had last week. Whatever is wrong with my config is causing the radio to not free up. I'm guessing a crash isn't freeing a handle to it in the code.

What are the other ghosts? The remote controllers above it are tiny little blinds-controllers; they work on the C5.

Quick Run Down of migration without z-wave radio.

  • Start with a clean hub.
  • Restore from cloud backup - UNCHECK Z-Wave
  • Look for all the zwave devices in device list (will have 2 char HEX DNI)
  • Edit the DNI for all of them appending _OLD to the end (this will avoid conflicts with new devices)
  • Add OLD to the names of all of them as well
  • May want to do a backup at this point in case you need to start over for any reason
  • Include new devices (can do one at a time and swap or include all first)
  • May need to apply custom drivers to new devices
  • Use Settings > Swap Apps to move the apps from OLD device to new device (this wont work on multichannel devices with child devices unfortunately, you will have to move by hand in each app).
  • Verify everything moved over correctly
  • Delete the OLD device

I only see one for sure ghost. The others are attached to devices, only have one neighbor and no route, so they sort of look like a ghost but are possibly just offline. If they are offline it might help to power them up. If they are already online, sometimes devices will never pick up neighbors and still work just fine, just might be oddball devices.

If you have a USB Z-wave stick and a windows PC, you could use that to remove it from the C5 first, then do a new migration. How To: Remove Ghosts using hub tools or a UZB Stick

No UZB Stick. Those are coin-cell powered, so they don't really communicate much.

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Yeah I have a remote control that does the same thing. Always only shows 1 neighbor for some reason but still works fine when I push the buttons.

If it were me and hearing what I hear, and not being an expert, I'd spend the few minutes it would take on each of your device's page to re-select each appropriate driver from the available driver list and clicking Save Device. Can't hurt...

I'll try that. Although the "ghost device" 0x19 doesn't have a Device Page, so sadly I expect I'm going to have to start fresh.

Sorry, didn't have my glasses on. Only 0x19 is a ghost

Right I wasn't paying attention. Only 0x19 is a ghost

I may have cleared the ghost by adding and excluding a different device on the C5. At least it no longer shows.
Interestingly, I did that merely to prove the C5 still fully works (which it does), including for adding devices, while the C8 Pro does not.
Sadly, I've already ordered a $40 USB Z-Wave controller, which theoretically now I won't need, but perhaps I can get other use out of it.
Update... that didn't help. Same symptoms still. Can't add Z-Wave devices nor control devices on the C8 Pro, even though the C5 can. I've spent at least 20 hours on this, and still can't control or pair a single Z-Wave device after migration, and the idea of manually rebuilding everything is both painful and counter to the promise of migration.

I am frustrated by how much documentation is out-of-date or inaccurate.

  • There is no "Repair" or "Refresh" button on the C5.
  • The Diagnostic Tool lacks an "Advanced" button, even on the C8 Pro, as documented here, so Full Reset isn't available. Which seems like an obvious next-step in my case.
  • Migration doesn't actually, at least in my case, work. But at no point have I manually tweaked anything.
    It may be moot, since it seems like given the failed migration I may just stay on the C5 until I switch platforms entirely, but the Diagnostic mode requiring MAC address without colons, while the Hub Info having colons, is silly-stupid also.

On the linked document, have you tried following the instructions in the note just below item #3 and you weren't able to update the Diagnostic Tool?

That is correct, C5 doesn't have capabilities to repair individual nodes. That is a feature of C7 or newer hubs. Instead, C5 hubs can run a full network repair and that button is at the top of the Z-Wave Details page.

I did (before running all that) run the instructions to update the diagnostic tool, as those instructions directed. It returns some text JSON, something like:
{true, "Update Available": false}
That was it. So I presume it was fully up-to-date.

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Is your hub connected to the cloud. That error could be friendlier, I agree, as it doesn't tell you why the update is not available.

Which C8 Pro hub are you working with at the moment? I checked your account earlier and the original C8 Pro was online while the C5 and the replacement C8 Pro were offline.

Right. I put the original back, figuring the replacement and original had behaved the same. I've put the C5 back now, but can put the C8 Pro (either one) back and leave it until we need our blinds down tonight if it will help.

Yes, it was connect. That hub (the original C8 Pro) took 40 minutes to update from .138 to .139 this morning! I presume because whatever is going on with the Z-Wave loop is maxxing out the CPU.
I can put it back online for the day if it will help. Or the other one. I put the C5 back to re-verify stuff and put the blinds up.