Devices in your Drawer of Shame

@april.brandt had mentioned in another thread that she had retired some Peanut Plugs to her HA device "Drawer of Shame". That reminded me that I have many such devices and I thought it might be interesting to see what devices others have retired to their Drawer of Shame. It also might be helpful to others that are having issues with certain devices. I'll start.

Ivee home assistant which was an early attempt to create what Amazon eventually accomplished with Echo. It was horrible and was probably the second most frustrating device that I ever attempted to include in my home automation system.

Next up was a Skybell doorbell. I know that they have improved but there is a reason that Ring has thrived and Skybell is barely known. For me, Skybell only worked intermittently and their customer service was some of the worst I have ever dealt with. When my version 1 Skybell fell off my network and I couldn't get it reconnected, I called Skybell and the informed me that they no longer supported that version and they have removed any of those devices from their system if they fall off your network. I was just SOL and they offered me a 20 % coupon if I would purchase their next version half working device. NEVER.

Any hinge sensor that I have ever tried. NYCE worked the best but was fragile. The GE hinge sensor is worse, I have one of each in my Drawer of Shame.

Strips Sensative with a non-replaceable battery that is supposed to last 10 years but lasted less than 10 weeks.

Linear Z-Wave Garage door openers. Two of them. They would not stay connected, opened on their own and fell off the mesh weekly. I understand that the newer Z-Wave Plus version is much better.

Schlage Z-Wave deadbolts. Non Z Wave plus. They were very problematic on the Iris platform not unlike the stories that I have read on this forum. When I moved, I left them in the house and started over with mostly Zigbee locks. Best move ever.

So, what's in your drawer of shame?


Smartthings hub. It lost most of my devices twice and WAF was very low.


Derelict Ring Doorbell

I still trip over X-10 devices from 20 years ago that have been angrily tossed in corners.


In all fairness, SmartThings does have some use. I've recently resurrected mine to run echo speaks. I might consider using it for other cloud applications. I do still have a schlage lock that (knock on wood) has been working somewhat well. It seems to do better on Smartthings. For that, I might just keep it going, but I need to change my channels on my HE hub first because ST was being a jerk the minute I plugged it in.

I have a few crees. Lke NINE! Now those HAVE been hopefully resurrected with @adamkempenich 's lightify app. It's in Alpha stage, so just know that things are not yet completely finished and stable and he changes it often if you plan on checking it out. I've even sent him some crees to test with the system. I'm rather excited about this automation.

I have two peanuts that I don't really have a need for, so they're in the drawer.

Also an Inovelli outdoor and an indoor plug. Both first versions. Seems it was rather hard on my zwave radio and caused issues. This does NOT reflect on their work today, though. I'm talking very first version.

I also had some Xiaomi motion sensors. I actually sold them to my buddy @aaiyar. They're ok if they're on a network of their own with crees. But I only had one hub, so I opted to part with those cute lil' guys.


I forgot the GE Link lights. Most have been replaced but I still have a couple connected to the Hue hub. Terrible devices.


I've been slowly clearing out my "drawer of shame" on eBay. So far, it has paid for 2 brand new zigbee door locks.

Plus, I feel good that someone else is using what was taking up space in my (small) house.


I should think before hitting Reply.
August Doorbell. It loves to detect cars and trucks on the road but usually misses the Mail person right at the front door. Even worse than the GE bulbs. It is however still at the front door.


Stacks of Leviton Z-wave switches/dimmers, right next to the ST hub! My RainCloud sprinkler controllers might join them come spring, now that I think I saw Hubitat has support for b-hyve.

I might need to follow aaiyar's lead.

Does HE have a "Flea Market"? If not they should I would love to support up and coming HEers!

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Oh if only I could get back the money spent on devices that have come and gone over the years!

  • Skybell, I was an early backer on this one, never really worked to well
  • Ring doorbell v1, moved up from Skybell or so I thought! (Now using Google's Hello and love it!)
  • Bloomsky weather station, was a Kickstater backer for that piece of crap!
  • Any non-Hue bulbs that I've purchased over the years

That's about it for Shameful stuff. Everything else lived a good life and was just replaced with new and improved versions! The old ones go on eBay. :grin:


5 of those enormous TP-Link plugs; made me feel bad they were so ugly. 5 Peanuts, it was 6, but the ground broke off of one the last time I deleted them from the mesh. 9 Osram tunable white bulbs of multiple version numbers that all behave differently. I may resurrect these with @adamkempenich 's Lightify integration if I can figure out where to put them.


What's the CT range on those tunable whites?


2700-6500K😉 and they don’t get dim nearly dim enough for my liking.

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I have 5 Wemo Mini Smart Plugs in my Drawer of Shame. They were great when I was first starting out, but then Wemo changed the security access and the plugs no longer reported their status to SmartThings (before I switched to Hubitat). These also taught me a hard lesson in avoiding WiFi devices. I replaced them with SmartThings Zigbee outlets and have been very happy with them.

I also have a GoControl Garage Door Controller that crapped out and destroyed my Z-Wave network for a couple weeks. I gave up on this one and just replaced it with a contact sensor. I rarely ever used it to actually control the door; I only ever need to know if it was open or closed.

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I think I'm either blessed with good Google results before I spend my money or it's just that crap don't reach The Netherlands...:joy:
Th only thing I have that isn't doing anything is an xiaomi cube. But that has more to do with me not knowing what the heck I would use it for.

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Wasting away in a bin somewhere in the garage: two WeMo light switches which are absolute junk, and they are right next to iHome power plugs

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When I moved from X-10 to VeraPlus, laid all the devices out on the floor, took a few photos and put the lot on eBay. I was not sorry to see them go :slight_smile:


I don't have one drawer either. I am sure I still have X-10 unopened in boxes. I was just reconnecting a NAS a few minutes ago and saw an X-10 to IR device. AHHHHHH


5 GE Link bulbs - became flakey on wink after 3 years and would no longer pair. Tried them again with Hubitat and they would only stay paired for a day or 2. Finally realized the bulbs just suck (as many of you here also know)

3 Peanut Plugs - no noticeable issues, but too many reports here spooked me so I pulled them and replaced with Tradfri.

1 Wink Hub v1 - yeah...

To be added to the drawer
3 old-school zwave Aeotec plugs that run a lamps with weird bulbs and a tea kettle. Eventually I will upgrade to zwave plus or zigbee, but I haven’t noticed any issues yet. Someday.

Not so shameful, but in the drawer:
1 GE Z-Wave Plus fan controller - works great! But the lowest setting is more power than my whole house vent fan could handle, so I had to pull it but it was after the return window.

I hate not using something i bought, most has ended up on Nextdoor, SimplieSafe, non-smart smoke alarms...

What I do have for free, just pay actual shipping, is an EcoBee 3 sensor. Works great, we just don't use it