Developement Thread - app for resetting bulbs (Device suggestions welcome)

I did wonder if someone would ask for a button trigger :slight_smile:

I’ll have a look when I get a chance


What is the fastest one that requires a fast outlet? I will test the V1 outlet to see how it handles it...

AduroSmart ERIA needs 10x 500ms switching


It worked! Iris V1 outlet switches very quickly.

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That’s good to know.

Thanks for testing that.


Timing is a huge issue. Because my hub is running events all over the house. There are delays between the switch throws. Then the app tries to catch up and toggles the switch so fast the bulb ignores it. I was using a Levoton Z-wave non-dimming switch and a Lightify A19 plugged into a lamp. The switching would start at a steady cadence, then pause either on or off for an extra second or two. Then BAM, rapid on off so fast that the bulb ignores it. This is a good start, is there a way to escalate code execution priority? (I know there isn't) Ideally if we could tell the hub to pause other rule execution while we reset our bulbs it would all be so much easier. I don't know what other developer tricks you have up your sleeve but this should be possible. Maybe someone with a multi-hub setup will have better results.

I have multiple hubs and didn’t experience this at all.
Everything ran smoothly for me.
Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do to prioritise this app over others.
If you hub is busy then it may mess with the timing.
I’m sorry, there is nothing I can do other than suggest you use it when you know other stuff is not running.
You could try a reboot to ‘clear the decks’ before trying again to see if that would make any difference.


You might try a zigbee outlet. I have read here and other places that zigbee fires faster, compared to z-wave. I have both, and my zigbee outlets are faster and more responsive than my z-wave.

Ok, so I was able to reset a Lightify A19 on a Leviton Z-wave outlet. So I believe we have a winner. I'll try again using some ZigBee plugs this weekend when I have more time. I'm no longer dreading the next time all my mish-mash outside bulbs decide to drop off the mesh as they seem to do once or twice a year.

Thank you @cobra

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You are welcome


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I have updated the app to version 1.1.0 (Uploaded to GitHub)

This version is a complete re-code as the 1st code was a bit messy.
I have added a 'Button' trigger (with up to 8 buttons) for those that asked for it.
I have also changed the input for the 'Custom' device to now work with milliseconds for greater control.

One thing to note:
Zigbee switching seems to be considerably faster than Z-Wave
I suggest you use a Zigbee device outlet or relay to do the actual switching on/off




Success resetting an AduroSmart ERIA bulb. I used a Zigbee lightify outlet this time. ERIA needs to be toggled off and on five times.

Can I use this app to determine if the Zigbee device is still active?
That is, I have a number of devices (switches, outlets, sensors, etc.). Can I use this app to somehow determine if that device is "still on the mesh"?

Not Andy here, but I don't see how you could use this app for that--its purpose is quite different (to automate the resetting of devices when you need to pair them, especially things like smart bulbs where the sequence and timing of on/off events tends to be different for each brand and hard to remember).

I think you're looking for something like Device Watchdog. There is another similar app, but I can't remember its name. Device Watchdog can monitor your devices for a "last activity" time and notify you when one hasn't generated any activity for the amount of time you specify. (You'll have to know your devices and the type of traffic they produce--for example, Xiaomi devices tend to report in every hour for at least a checkin, my Iris v2 motion sensors tend to report in every few hours for a temperature or battery report even without motion, many of my Z-Wave sensors are configurable but will only check in once or twice a day without other activity to make them do so, and a lot of my non-metering smart plugs don't generate activity at all unless turned on or off.) It can also monitor battery, but I find activity to be far more reliable even if not as proactive (and I think SHM or RM could do something natively if that's all you wanted).

My A19 Lightify instructions weren't working. I went with custom, 3 on and 3 off, five times.
Did the trick. I'll edit my post above to reflect the difference.

Thanks for the info.
I’ll get the app updated as soon as I can.
This is exacly why I added the ‘custom’ option, for people to try other settings if the configured ones don’t work.

Glad the custom option allowed you to find the correct sequence.


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This is app is going to save me quite a bit of time. My HE hub failed the Florida Thunderstorm test over the weekend. I only had a quarter of my lights on the Hue hub.. so the rest of them need to be reset. So far this app has worked flawlessly (once I pick the right timing). Now if only there was an App to assist in excluding and joining Z-Wave devices... :slight_smile:

New version (1.1.1) uploaded with a change to the A19 timing and a new name:

"Device Reset Tool"



The link in this thread needs updating from bulb to device.


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