[DEPRECATED]TuyaHubitat - (jinvoo, smart life, tuya smart - switches only)

Thanks, I'll look into it.

Ha I had not seen this one before. Just got tasmota running a single plug. LOL persistence pays I suppose.

And have a driver working with hubitat. Seems to work well.

@damon.dinsmore - You see any strange behavior with the led's? On this device it just flashes constantly. Or does nothing depending on what settings I use. Just curious if this is known behavior.

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OK I think I should warn everyone following. I pulled apart the powerstrip I bricked just to have a look. Found one of the receptacles to be melted inside the unit.

There was never any indication something might be off before I bricked it. Kinda scary to see. I do not think I will be keeping any of these devices around.

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OK Damon. Thanks for that. Don't think my bulbs support it, but good stuff regardless.

I've updated the github repository.

-- Jules

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Hey gang, I was able to flash my bulb using Tuya-Convert!

I used the RGBW driver, without entering the temperature ranges I got the following error:

groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: java.io.StringReader.containsKey() is applicable for argument types: (java.lang.String) values: [type] on line 543 (off)

My bulb is CW only so I thought it didn't apply. Just a note.

I also have a 3 relay outdoor outlet I would like to convert. Are there any switch drivers I can pick apart to see if I can add additional channels?


EDIT: Did this get moved to another Tasmota topic? I lost track... It should if not...

EDIT2: I wonder if this would be a good starting point:

This is awesome stuff. I am new to Hubitat and GitHub. After many hours of deliberation, I opted with a simple virtual switch and IFTTT. I use this for my Wemo dimmer as well. I named the virtual switch the same thing as my smartlife plug and have linked my smart life/ewink through IFTTT. I've also purchased a Geeni outlet. It is not on IFTT. Boo...

I am considering buying an emylo switch - can you please provide some details on how you flashed it OTA

There was an issue with TUYAota recently. Dr. Zzz posted a video about it.
I would hold off until you hear if the team figured out how to get around that issue.
I haven't heard.

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Does anyone know if I can control Brilliant smart plugs via Hubitat? They are made by Tuya as well.

Hey everyone, I have a SmartLife WiFi LED (which I understand uses Tuya on the back end), and a SmartLife Power Strip. Is there a good place I should start? This thread is massive. I would prefer a GitHub readme.md if possible.

I think the consensus here ended up deciding tuyaconvert was a better option.
I know there was an attempt by tuya to update the firmware so it will block the software.
I need to test if it still works myself.

Tuyaconvert loads tasmota on the device wirelessly.

FYI, there is a WEMO driver for Hubitat and it is working very well for me.

I can get some switches that are able to be flashed with tuya-convert. Have you managed to get a HE driver for tuya-convert switches?

See post 169 of this thread - it links to another thread with a driver in the first post.

I have been using this one for a few weeks with my Teckin SP10’s.

I had to modify the driver as described in the other thread since the SP10 is a single socket so would not handle the socket # being sent.

If you need more specifics on this let me know.

Just started using HE and was wondering if Tuya convert is the only way to accomplish? I just have the HE unit and don't have a RPi to host some kind of server which seems to be necessary after reading the entire thread. (or did I read it wrong?)

All I currently have are single socket switches that use the Smart Life app. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Or I could go the IFTTT route but I'm still learning this new platform. But I am not knowledgeable enough to attempt to perform any kind of firmware flashing.

Thank you.

IFTTT works on these but is subject to the normal vagaries of that platform (slow slow quick quick slow)...

In my experience the IFTTT integration with SmartLife is buggy.

The TuyaHubitat driver doesn't work as it is. I've looked at it and it's basically looks abandoned. It can work, I have played with and have made it work but yeah, it will always require a RPi

Indeed. I got rid of all my tuya devices. Last time I tried the driver was working well. However I found the insides of one of my powers trips melted and it continued to work like nothing was wrong. Made me a bit worried having it in my house with my kids.

Anyone know of Zigbee switches less than $15.00 ea? I use the tuya switches because they are $9.99 ea.

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