Driver request please Wifi on Tuya non controller devices

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I don't know if this is the proper place for a request but I thought I would mention. It seems that there are alot of new color bulbs, sensors, receptacles that work with Alexa but they don't not require a hub. These devices are all wifi based.

I myself have several of these Chinese color bulbs that do not work with a controller. They do however work with a smartlife app on my cell phone. I would love to be able to issues these devices commands from HE.

Would it be possible to make or change an existing driver to support these devices?

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+1 on the control of the Tuya devices. I have several adj white bulbs (ISB1000) and color bulbs (ISB800) plus the power socket (ISC100) as well as the motion sensor (S200) and d/w sensors (S100). It would be great to be able to control these in HE.


+1 too for Meross plugs and power strips. They all controlled by smartlife app

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Hey gang. I've had some success with the 5 Tuya bulbs that I have.

To get them working, I re-flashed them with Sonoff firmware, and then I've knocked together a quick device driver to run them.

It involves re-flashing, and some definately tinkering around the edges, so it's not necessarily for the faint of heart... but it did the trick.

The (rather long and rambling) thread about it is here:

And if you get far enough that you need the device driver, it's available here:

-- Jules

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+1 Thanks for your work @Jules T

Considering that Tuya is a superior implementation than Hue, at least according to this guy (YouTube), this should be top priority for Hubitat to work on for native support.

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I've managed to install tasmota in my tuya switches and all works like a charm.
Also I've created my own mqtt driver for them.
I guess supporting native tuya protocol is pita and not reliable, it'd be a moving target

I was also interested in direct Tuya integration given the extreme popularity and low prices of Tuya platform plugs and switches in Poland but it looks like a dead end.