Driver request please Wifi on Tuya non controller devices


Hi all;

I don't know if this is the proper place for a request but I thought I would mention. It seems that there are alot of new color bulbs, sensors, receptacles that work with Alexa but they don't not require a hub. These devices are all wifi based.

I myself have several of these Chinese color bulbs that do not work with a controller. They do however work with a smartlife app on my cell phone. I would love to be able to issues these devices commands from HE.

Would it be possible to make or change an existing driver to support these devices?

Thank You for the consideration,



+1 on the control of the Tuya devices. I have several adj white bulbs (ISB1000) and color bulbs (ISB800) plus the power socket (ISC100) as well as the motion sensor (S200) and d/w sensors (S100). It would be great to be able to control these in HE.