[Deprecated] Gentle Wake Up

Introducing 'Gentle Wake Up'
This is a port of ST Gentle Wake Up for Hubitat

*** This is a PORT and was modified to work with HE. This may or may not work with your setup and/or type of light bulb. If something isn't working right with your setup, feel free to try and fix it. ***

Gentle Wake Up turns on your lights slowly, allowing you to wake up more naturally. Once your lights have reached full brightness, optionally turn on or off more things, send yourself a push, and/or speak something for a more gentle nudge into the waking world (you may want to set your normal alarm as a backup plan).


  • Port of Gentle Wake Up app and driver by Steve Vlaminck
  • TONS of under the hood changes, modifications and cleanup
  • Can now Speak a random message
  • Will repeat message until Controller switch in turned off or for X number of times
  • Works with just about all speakers

App can be found on my Github (in the 'Ported' section):


Again... This is a PORT and was modified to work with HE. This may or may not work with your setup and/or type of light bulb. If something isn't working right with your setup, feel free to try and fix it.

This has been proven to work with Hue light bulbs connected to the Hue bridge, then connected to HE. With any other combination, your mileage may vary. :wink:

Still on the To-do list...

  • fix instructions

Wishful thinking - It would be really nice if it supported increases in color temperature, without going into RGB mode. My ideal wakeup scenario is gradually raising color temperature from 2200-4000K, while simultaneously raising the level from 0-99.

Way beyond my skill set right now but the code is there if anybody wants to take a swing at it.


Oh - I'm an armchair quarterback who couldn't throw a 10 yd pass. Super grateful for what you've done! And hope you're doing ok!!


That's what gaming consoles and EA sports are for. Any armchair QB can throw a hail mary 80 yard TD.....

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Expect a PR some time in the next few days ... :wink:


New version on Github...

v1.0.2 - 08/02/19 - Added code for 'Repeat X times', gave the app some color!


v1.0.3 - 08/02/19 - Whoops, found a bug!

It worked this morning for me. I don't have a color bulb, but the fade part worked just fine. That is all I need really.

I really missed having this feature since Stringify went under, and I am glad to have it back.



Same here.

Stellar work!! thank you SO much!
Love and Peace

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BIG day! lol I gave it a shot, give it a try and let me know what you think! I also converted it to parent/child so will have to reinstall and start from scratch, sorry.

New version on Github...

v1.0.4 - 08/08/19 - Added optional 'Gradually change the temperature', converted app to parent/child.

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Just installed this Gentle Wake Up app, looking forward to hearing about my kids wake-up experience this week while I'm out of town!!!


Just be sure it works for you BEFORE you rely on it! lol

This app is great! Exactly what I was looking for after losing Stringify. Thanks!

I gave it a go this morning, but it ended early with this error:

app:258 2019-09-09 06:19:54.332 error Force stopping Gentle Wakeup due to too many increments
dev:353 2019-09-09 06:18:59.449 info Nightstand level was set to 53%
dev:353 2019-09-09 06:17:59.360 info Nightstand level was set to 52%
dev:353 2019-09-09 06:16:59.460 info Nightstand level was set to 51%

I have it configured to span 90 minutes, if that's noteworthy.

It did, however, skip to the completion action, so that's what woke me (prior to my backup alarm set at the end of the full 90 minutes)! :slight_smile:

I would love to have it transition from the dimmest red to the brightest 5000K white (or beyond into 6500K). 1% red is significantly dimmer than 1% 2000K on my Sengled bulb (and any other RGB/W bulb I've owned), but I also realize that the smoothness from RGB into color temp is going to vary by bulb and brand, so I may just schedule two, back-to-back. One from red to the closest RGB approximation of 2000K I can get, then the second from 2000K to 5000K.

The repetition to speak, until turned off, sounds useful, too; any way to have it repeat it's final lighting action? For example, flash an overhead light X number of times or until stopped?

I've seen this error a couple of times too, not sure what causes it but it doesn't happen very often. Again, this is a port so the code could probably use some tweaks.

As for additional features... small ones maybe, big ones...sorry, not going to happen. BUT, anyone is free to take a poke around in the code and I gladly accept pull requests! :grin:

Understood. I'm just fantasizing. :slight_smile:

Another armchair programmer here; I do plan to take a look and see what sense I can make of it, tho'.

Thanks for porting it over. As is, it replaces exactly what I had lost.

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Will give this a try.
I'm in the process of porting over from ST to HE and having issues getting the wake up working with my hue bulbs. Seems the hue integration doesn't like the HE fade action. Even considering other bulbs or using a smart dimmer plug rather than smart bulbs.

I can not get this app to work more then once. I setup the way I want, Test and light comes on and dims to 99%. Ok it works, Change the time and test again.... Does not work. Here's what I'm getting in log.

Line 673 is looking for Duration. What do you have in 'Duration and Direction', 'For this many minutes'?