Simulate Sunrise

I’m also writing a Simple Sunrise app :slight_smile: Maybe I can get it done this week...


Oh .. nice! Thanks for replying! I never thought to search for circadian ... but in hindsight. :slight_smile:

I'll check it out.

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Please let us know when you do, I'd like to check it out ... and thanks for replying! :slight_smile:

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That's sounds terrific. Looking forward to it!

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Any progress on this sunrise wake up light controller?
I am pursuing a sunrise wake up too. I'm ready to buy a Hubitat if it can do it.

As I see it, it needs the following basic items:

mtwtf - days to operate
xx:xx - time to start
xxx ramp up minutes (generate ending time = xx:xx)

xx% starting brightness
xx% final brightness

xxx starting color
xxx ending color

what do do at end (flash light, turn off, cycle colors, alarm sound, cycle dark to bright every minute, ...????)

I would guess my settings would probably be

weekdays only
7:15 am
45 minutes ramp up, I should be out of bed by 8:00

0% starting brightness
100% end (depends on bulb I guess)

reddish starting color
yellowish ending color (or maybe blue)

at the end of the cycle I'd probably like it to stay on for xxx minutes then go off.

continuous smooth brightening would be better than 100 pulsed increases.

I think a smart bulb would do this better than a smart dimmer, but with a dimmer and incandescent bulb the color thing is solved, incandescents naturally go from red to yellow as you make them brighter.

thank you

Gentle Wake Up from @bptworld (Bryan) can do it. It lets you simultaneously ramp up (or down) bulb intensity and temperature.

Thanks for bumping this! :slight_smile:

I was just today looking at the new Sengled bulb in my nightstand that replaced the lightly supported TRÅFDRI RGB bulb, planning to just schedule a rudimentary routine to increase brightness over 90 minutes from 5:30am to 7am.

I love the features you suggested; especially an option to flash the bulb at the end of the cycle if still not out of bed. Also, I'd dig on/off and setting control of it from a Pico remote, and audible spoken confirmation of actions (which I mentioned in my initial post).

@aaiyar OOOOoohhhh! Perfect! I'm going to check this out. Thanks!

@carbon, the timing of your bump was spot on. Thanks again.

So there's 'Gentle Wake Up' and 'Circadian Daylight' apps that should hopefully work. Someone also mentioned that there's a command to ramp up a dimmer (for a incandescent bulb). No one has confirmed the "weekday only" option, but hopefully it can run only on weekdays.

Okay, awesome, so It looks like I can do what I want. I'm going to order a Hubitat.

Oh, can anyone recommend a smart bulb for me? I see bulb selection is not so easy.

Thank you for the reply and recommendation. It looks like the Hubitat will do the one thing I wanted to accomplish, so I'm going to go ahead and buy a Hubitat, but I'm also finding the community to be super-helpful which is a huge huge bonus.


The person to thank would be Bryan (@bptworld) - he's written a very useful set of apps:

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Where you located? In North America, I'd recommend Sengled bulbs. But you should have other line-powered devices that establish a robust zigbee mesh. This is because Sengled bulbs are designed not to be zigbee repeaters.

Hubitat also support YeeLight bulbs, and there's a community integration for LiFX bulbs.

The LiFX bulbs look good.

Yes, the US.

The philips Hue bulbs look good, but I guess need the hub. I wouldn't mind buying a Hue Hub, but it appears to send info to the cloud, which I do not want.

The Sengled Element Plus Color also looks good.

I don't want anything going to the cloud.

Much appreciated.

You can pair the Hue bulbs directly to HE and don’t need the hue bridge.

Don't go with Philips. Too expensive last I checked. I use Sengled exclusively throughout my house. Couldn't be happier.

The biggest pro point I have for Philips Hue, after years of resisting, as of late last year, they finally conceded and you can now set their power up state following a power outage to on, off, or last state (I believe); alas, I haven't invested in Philips.

My Sylvania Lightify RGBW strips (and their old RGBW bulb I had that died long ago), IKEA TRÅDFRI, and Sengled all come on 100% warm white following a power outage, which isn't a huge issue mid-day, but sucks in the middle of the night. Thank heavens the Caseta dimmers and GE in-wall fan controls don't do that.

I'm mainly replying with the hope that someone says, "hey, try this with that Sengled ...," since that's what I'm slowly converting to. :wink:

Huh .. My Sengled does remember state ... IF on. :slight_smile:

Going to make a new topic about it.

Is Simple Sunrise available yet?

Hi guys, I'm also interested in this. I just don't like the app(Gentle wake up). So I talked to Bruce in another thread. He will implement a stop function for scene transitions. With this it's way easier to create a sun rise function (at least with ct bulbs) with RM. He said it will be in the next firmware release.

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Not yet. I’ve put all of my automations aside as I do wedding prep. I’ll be back at it in a couple weeks.