Turn off scene transition

Hi all,
I love the Scene Transition feature and I'm using it a lot. The problem is when I turn the lights off, while transitioning, they will just turn back on and carry on with the transition. I've played with Stop Action, but that doesn't work either.

Is there a way to neatly stop a transition?

I would like to know this, too, as I've found the same thing happening with both transitions and fades.

Hi, I don't want to redirect zomie threads but I'm in the need for this. Can you, @bravenel, do something in this regard?
I for example want a scene transition over a period of half an hour... but it's not stoppable when started. So one has to wait the whole cycle until we can turn the light off again...

I will look into it.

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It looks as though the way to do this would be to provide an optional switch selection. If that switch is turned on/off (as selected), that would stop the transition. Presumably this would be a virtual switch (although, it could be any switch).

Would this work for you?

If it works then yes... let me try. no further response means it works. thanks, you doing a great job community wise.

I think I need further explanation. In every constellation I tried, I was only able to activate the transition, but not to stop it.
I tried a switch as a condition (run action only if switch is on) and as an "if switch is on, activate scene, else exit rule".
What did I miss? Maybe another way to activate a scene transition then "activat scene"?

In the parent app, Groups and Scenes, you can create a scene transition that goes from one Scene to another over a period of time.

Of course. And In a second step I use RM to activate that scene... the question is, how do I implement the switch you suggested to stop that scene transition.


It will be in the next release, as a new feature of a Scene Transition.

many thanks

thank you! I had this same issue and the adding of the virtual switch resolved my problem. Is this the current solution or has any new RM enhancements give us a simpler method? Thanks!!

Check out Scene Transition app. You need two Scenes, one of which could be the lights all off. Then the app transitions the lights from one to the other over a selected time period. A Scene Transition can be used anywhere a Scene can be used.

Would it be possible to do scene transitions with the set level-feature ? so everything is cancellable? if I turn on or off a lamp it will cancel out the current action on that lamp, or if I turn off all lamps it will cancel all actions?

This would help a great deal when it came to removing adding lamps/bulbs.. like now when it's almost christmas time..

I currently use rule machine to do my transition routines, morning and evening.. just because they are cancellable.. but it's so much more work adding/removing devices.