Simulate Sunrise

So there's 'Gentle Wake Up' and 'Circadian Daylight' apps that should hopefully work. Someone also mentioned that there's a command to ramp up a dimmer (for a incandescent bulb). No one has confirmed the "weekday only" option, but hopefully it can run only on weekdays.

Okay, awesome, so It looks like I can do what I want. I'm going to order a Hubitat.

Oh, can anyone recommend a smart bulb for me? I see bulb selection is not so easy.

Thank you for the reply and recommendation. It looks like the Hubitat will do the one thing I wanted to accomplish, so I'm going to go ahead and buy a Hubitat, but I'm also finding the community to be super-helpful which is a huge huge bonus.


The person to thank would be Bryan (@bptworld) - he's written a very useful set of apps:

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Where you located? In North America, I'd recommend Sengled bulbs. But you should have other line-powered devices that establish a robust zigbee mesh. This is because Sengled bulbs are designed not to be zigbee repeaters.

Hubitat also support YeeLight bulbs, and there's a community integration for LiFX bulbs.

The LiFX bulbs look good.

Yes, the US.

The philips Hue bulbs look good, but I guess need the hub. I wouldn't mind buying a Hue Hub, but it appears to send info to the cloud, which I do not want.

The Sengled Element Plus Color also looks good.

I don't want anything going to the cloud.

Much appreciated.

You can pair the Hue bulbs directly to HE and don’t need the hue bridge.

Don't go with Philips. Too expensive last I checked. I use Sengled exclusively throughout my house. Couldn't be happier.

The biggest pro point I have for Philips Hue, after years of resisting, as of late last year, they finally conceded and you can now set their power up state following a power outage to on, off, or last state (I believe); alas, I haven't invested in Philips.

My Sylvania Lightify RGBW strips (and their old RGBW bulb I had that died long ago), IKEA TRÅDFRI, and Sengled all come on 100% warm white following a power outage, which isn't a huge issue mid-day, but sucks in the middle of the night. Thank heavens the Caseta dimmers and GE in-wall fan controls don't do that.

I'm mainly replying with the hope that someone says, "hey, try this with that Sengled ...," since that's what I'm slowly converting to. :wink:

Huh .. My Sengled does remember state ... IF on. :slight_smile:

Going to make a new topic about it.

Is Simple Sunrise available yet?

Hi guys, I'm also interested in this. I just don't like the app(Gentle wake up). So I talked to Bruce in another thread. He will implement a stop function for scene transitions. With this it's way easier to create a sun rise function (at least with ct bulbs) with RM. He said it will be in the next firmware release.

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Not yet. I’ve put all of my automations aside as I do wedding prep. I’ll be back at it in a couple weeks.

Congratulations! An automated confetti cannon would be amazing. :joy:

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You’re the second person to recommend something like this :joy: I’m very tempted...


Good morning guys,
I just woke up to a beautiful sunrise made in RM. Thanks too the stoppable scene transition feature.
It starts red, goes to a nice orange and turns whitish in a step curve. I made it in two phases but I think I will extend it to a more natural simulation. See the rule in the screen shots to recreate if you wish.!

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Hi @oliver.lienhard. I was just curious if you'd made any adjustments to your sunrise rule? It looks like exactly what I'm trying to do.


yes, I did. I think I made tbe post before I switched to cocohue. In cocihue you can set the colorrange to 400... that alows for a better math. do you want the screen shots of the rule?

still not the most actual, but it should provide a good base to start.

I enjoy this since 6 month... :slight_smile:

[How to] Wake up light (RuleMachine only, no scenes ect)

I'll check that out! I'm unfamiliar with cocohue but I'll check it out. I haven't been doing much with HE lately but now that I have more time, I'm trying to catch up and get things exactly as I want them.