Hi Guys,

I'm sure this subject has come up multiple times but personally I can't find an answer which is simple for someone with very little CSS knowledge.
I'm looking at dashboards and what system to use to achieve them and have the ability to customise them fairly easily.

I've tried all the standard ones ActionTiles, SharpTools, Hubitat Own but none of them seem to have ease of customisation. Don't get me wrong the basics are simple across them all but making something look nice with them is a different storey.

I then got looking into dashboard templates and if they exisit as I think i'd be capable of modifying one to meet my needs but the only real thing I found which seems to accomidate this is HA.

What are people thoughts here?
Obviosuly the best answer is to learn CSS but to be honest, I don't have the time. I can pick up enough to change things on a basic level but thats about it so i'm after the best place to start to try and achive something.


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@jackgregory92 www.hubivue.com


That link doesn't lead anywhere?

Oops, corrected...

thanks :slight_smile: ill take a look!

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Animated icons too!

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This needs the cloud to work?

Why not use HA dashboard? Some people here use HE for everything and HA for dashboard.

its an option. I dont have a spare RPI at the moment so haven't be able to try it. Sort of wondering what other options there are as well

I highly recommend Hubivue that @rlithgow1 linked to above. It is fairly new and has already had a lot of development and improvement. The developer @gslender is active both in this community and the Hubivue community and is really good about listening to feed back to see if new features can be implemented or explain why something might not be possible. It definitely is worth a look.

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If you have a rPi or Linux server you can try my HousePanel. Installation effort required but once installed no CSS knowledge required to make incredibly customizable panels.

There is a whole thread somewhere here comparing the many options including my HousePanel, Josh’s Sharptools, and more.

Not always - hubiVue will operate fine if the internet is unavailable and will continue to do so until it returns, so it isn’t 100% cloud dependent like many other options

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I look a look at hubiVue and it looks really good. Appears much more polished than what I put together. The small annual fee is probably worth it since I’m sure you’ll want more than 50 tiles. I am curious how it gets info in and out of the Hubitat hub (never mind… I see it uses the maker api). Still very nice work.

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100% local

Was interested to stumble across this thread but sad to say hubivue look sot be discontinued. What's next best option for no/minimal code but nice looking dashboard?

If using android HD+ If using apple, Homekit

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Dashboards can be subjective but this is my dashboard built with Tile Builder. No coding required but it takes more time than just putting buttons on the page.

TB has the advantage that it is all native to HE, works cross platform because it is browser based, does not require MakerAPI as a middleman.

Because of it's modular design it stays under the 1,024 byte limit so it works over cellular. All you lose is the background image.


Essentially, it is. or at least orphaned. I still have it running, but I had already switched over to the CE connector. I don't know if that is why it still seems to be functional or not. I expect it to finally crash any day now, and I have mostly moved on to Sharptools. While it does take a bit of tinkering (which Hubivue also did), and there are some differences, I am finding Sharptools to be well-suited to replace Hubivue. I would add that the support @josh provides is very good, and usually responds pretty quickly. If you are on Android HD+ is also a very good alternative, and @jpage4500 provides a high level of support for that as well. I was using that before I switched to Hubivue. I have since switched to Apple from Android. I am also still playing with tilebuilder. It seems to be a very good solution as well, though I have yet to completely wrap my mind around it. I tend to think I'm going to be using it more for things like monitoring device health.

I don't know what the issue is, and Hubitat doesn't seem to be able to figure it out, I have not been able to get my C8 to connect to Homekit yet. Homekit doesn't even see the hub. I have one C7 that does. No clue what the problem is.


Usually that turns out to be a network issue with not being on the same subnet...(usually)

We went through that round of things previously. They are all on the same subnet, I've never set up any separate subnets for anything, I wouldn't even know how to. Out of three hubs the C8 (which actually has all of my physical, noncloud devices, mostly Zwave) and a C7 (which has my cloud devices, but I only tried it as an experiment) are not discoverable by Home kit. Only one C7, the one that runs all of the automation, actually will regularly connect. I've even gone so far as to unplug the C8 and plug it into the same port as the C& which Does connect, and even by-passing the POE switch and plugging into the router directly, I have never been able to get it to connect to home kit.