[Dashboard] Pin Protected Tiles/Dashboards

Any plans to add an option for pin protecting a tile or dashboard?

There are switches I would like to not be enabled without having to enter a pin.

Maybe some options for it could be

  • Pin prompt on active or deactivate only
  • Only prompt for confirmation (this would be great as I accidentally set off my alarm at 1am by tapping the wrong button)

Pin or password for a dashboard is on the feature request list. Adding something like this to a tile hasn't been requested before. With how we store layout data, I'm not sure how to store the pin for just a specific tile.

Maybe a flag in the layout file for pin protect this tile but store the pin in the child app settings.

Will add it to the feature request list.

Not a bad idea. Maybe force it on all apps/drivers so that they show up on the configuration screens and we don't have to actually modify any driver code. This would also work for any drivers/apps we can't modify.

Glad its on the list.

Now that the pin feature has been added I just wanted to point out a bug,

Using iOS 11.4.1 and Safari if I PIN protect a dashboard and click on it, then click cancel on the entry box I get stuck at a white screen. I would think it would just close or refresh the current screen.

Thanks for pointing that out. Since it can't load the dashboard it just returns an empty response. That can be changed to a you are not authorized message.

Any chance you can just have a pin for either local or cloud ?

Don't want one for home but for cloud link would be nice.

Not at this time, but you can duplicate the dashboard by exporting the layout and importing it in a new dashboard.

Then turn off pin and cloud access for one and turn on pin and off lab for the other.

Okey Dokey.

Is there a way to pin protect a single tile yet? It would be great to be able to pin protect the HSM tile for disarming.

Also curious about ability to set the tile for HSM to have a pin code to arm or disarm. I want to use the local dashboard on my tablet by my front door but not liking that anyone that comes in can disarm without entering a pin. Really like this feature on Sharptools but I don’t want to run a native app in case server or internet goes down. My wife would rip the system out if she had to figure out how to use two dashboards! Also don’t want to have to give lessons to house guests on what they would need to do to switch from a native app to the local app

Coming soon

I may be missing it but I've searched the community for pin protected tiles and while I saw a "done" in terms of pin for a given tile (specifically HSM) I can't find that the feature has, in fact, been implemented. Is this still coming or is it already here and I can't seem to locate it? Essentially I want to put a couple of ipads on the wall in the house and simply arm/disarm from the dashboard and pin protect HSM.

Yes, HSM tiles are pin protected now.

I'm not seeing the ability to set a pin in any of the gui menus. Can you please point me in the right direction as to where a pin can be set for an individual tile? I'm running the latest firmware.

Apps, Dashboards, specific dashboard, advanced, set pins for HSM and/or modes.

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When I get to this screen. The "Advanced" Pull down only stays for about 2 seconds. Not enough time to type a PIN and scroll down to Done. I have not been able to get this to stay any longer. This has been kicking my A** for two days now.

What browser? Try chrome or any chromium based browser. It just needs a single click to drop down the advanced section.

On the advanced area under a dashboard you show "Requiring a pin before sending an HSM command". Will this pin work on a tile that is tied to a virtual switch and used in a rule that arms and disarms HSM?

I have a virtual switch that when turned On manually it sends the Arm Away to HSM. Same if turned Off manually it disarms HSM.

I am using chrome. I tried using the Edge browser same thing. Let me try explorer.. Ok had to download explorer 11 . That did it. The pull down stays open until I close it in explorer but again I go back to chrome (ver 73) and the pull down closes after about 2 seconds....... weird... too busy now but will explorer Chrome settings later. Thanks for the suggestion

Try disabling extensions and try in an incognito tab. Something is wrong with your browser.

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