[Dashboard] Pin Protected Tiles/Dashboards

I have some pop up blockers in chrome that might be causing the problem. I'll do a little playing and post the resolution

Bingo.. It was my RoboForm password manager. It appears that Roboform see's that Pin Field and tries to Fill and Submit. I believe It can be configured to not populate based on App and or Website. So I am off to look into that. But is definitely the Auto Fill and Submit. The reason Explorer worked because I just downloaded and installed. I did not load the RoboForm extension to it.

I’d really love to see the ability to password protect one tile. Whether it’s HSM or not. For example I would like to have a virtual button tile on my dashboard that would turn on the entryway lights and disarm HSM. Would love to see this feature added in the future.

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Any updates? Is it possible to password protect a tile? (I want a code to unlock my door).

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Not that I’ve noticed.

These hub is amazing!!! I would love to have a pin enable option also. I use this hub for many applications including monitoring of my utility room. I wired the zwave 40 amp indoor/outdoor box to my well pump pressure switch. I use a generic switch driver for control of the well pump remotely. I would like to password protect the tile, so my children do not accidentally swipe and shut off the well pump. Maybe this is in the works. Anyways this hub, and discussion board is truly amazing! If only I would of discovered Hubitat sooner. Keep up the great work gents.

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Any news on this?

Consider setting one up yourself using Rule Machine. Read through this thread, and use Rule Machine to perform the action when the correct PIN is entered:

After experimenting with the Rule Machine version linked above by BrianP, which can work ok once you get it setup, I wrote this addon to give a better pin/keypad experience on the dashboards:

In addition to setting HSM or modes, you can create custom triggers for anything (RM/webcore/etc) that can require a pin, or not, and you can use 'lock code manager' to help manage multiple pins/codes on the virtual keypad device. You can then add your configured keypad to any other dashboards you want to include it on, or have custom virtual keypads for different dashboards/user groups.

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Yes, the Virtual Keypad can do this also, allowing lots of options to perform actions with a lock code.

If you only want to PIN protect a single action, Virtual Keypad could take up too much room on your dashboard. However, I stopped using the rule machine global variable, and started using Virtual Keypad instead. Works great.

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