How do I disarm with a code

I want to set a tablet on the wall with the ability to arm and disarm the HSM? is there a way to password protect with a 4/8 digit code when I hit the disarm it will. I do not want to use the tablets lock screen cause i want everyone to be able to use it on a regular.

I'm not sure what you're planning to do with the tablet, but I wrote the below assuming you plan to display a Hubitat Dashboard on the tablet. How you configure the lock screen us up to you (and the OS), but Hubitat won't have anything to do with that. This is something many people do--the Dashboard is just a webpage that can be displayed in any browser or a "locked down" one like Fully Kiosk that some people use.

On Hubitat Dashboard, you can set it so that a PIN is required to change HSM status (or location mode--might be useful if you tie mode to HSM status via an automation) from a Dashboard tile. You can also PIN-protect the entire Dashboard. All three of these are separate options you can configure in the specific Hubitat Dashboard child app for that Dashboard (Apps > Hubitat Dashboard, then find your dashboard listed underneath; do not directly use "Dashboards" on the left, which will take you directly to the dashboard and not the app for configuration). You can see a screenshot of these options here: [Dashboard] Pin Protected Tiles/Dashboards

I think has similar options, but I haven't used it in a while. If you're using a third-party solution (HousePanel? I'm not sure how many others there are), you'll have to see what they offer.

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ahh.. yea, thats what I am looking for!!! thank you!

Now the question is, can we get more granular, so I can SET the mode to be away for example without a pin, but cant disarm it without a pin?

Like, Armed home, armed night no pin needed..

but armed away to armed home, needs to have a pin.


Not exactly--you can't do it from the menu on the Mode (or HSM) tile. However, you could certainly use a workaround, like a virtual button (which you can put on the Dashboard) that will put the hub into Away mode when pressed, for example.

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Hello Stephan, can you give me some steps in how to set this up? I've been trying to figure it out. I want to do the same as the OP which is to PW protect the HSM so I can arm/disarm by 1st entering a code vs using the lock on the tablet.

Are you using the HSM tile to manage HSM on your dashboard? If so, you can go into the dashboard app and add a pin code for HSM right in the dashboard. app. When you go to change HSM's status, after tapping the desired status, it will ask you for the pin. It can be found here:


Thanks, I did find that, forgot to update this. It's cool , but I like how it looks on sharptools better, I but I'm not going to pay a subscription just for that either

Thanks for your reply :smile:

I added the HSM status tile to the dashboard but I still don't see the option to add a pin code. I'm also looking to mount a tablet on the wall.

Go into the dashboard's app in the GUI....where you decide which devices will be on the dashboard. The option is right there.


Hey Stephen So i tried to add a pin To a tile based on your directions but i cannot figure it out. I get stuck on the if then part. Not sure what setting to do. It does not look at all like yours. New to hubitat so any help would be appreciated.

The first step is to create a global variable. The global variable should be a string type and its value should be "Enter Code:" Without the quotation marks. The next step is to add this global variable to a dashboard. Add it to the dashboard as a "Variable Number" You can add it as a "Variable String" since this is what you create in the first step, but, if your disarm code is completely numeric, it actually works better adding it as a "Variable Number". Once you get to that part you just need to make a rule in rule machine.

I see your new to hubitat, Welcome to the community it is a nice place to be. I have learned a lot here in the last couple years.

It really helps if you know how to post a screen shot to your posts. This will help anybody that is assisting you with a problem to identify what needs to be fixed. Let me know if its adding the global variable to the dashboard that is giving you difficulty or its the rule creation that it causing you trouble.

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Thanks for the quick reply. Here are a couple of pictures. So when you say add to dashboard does that mean add a switch? i created a virtual switch for night mode. Also im stuck on the creating an action. i have no idea how to add the this then that.

I like simplification. Initially I planned on using a tablet, but I quite like 'physical'.

I've had one of these in use for 2 years maybe? Don't recall. Works awesome, I paid about a tenner. Use the dry contacts with either a fibaro or a nodemcu, can use either a "code entry" to disarm, or touch it with one of the massive bag of included rfid fobs.

Works a treat. I hate the idea of a tablet to achieve this.

Not sure if anyone has run across this in the past day, I've been playing around with it and I think it'll do what everyone's been able to do here (it also has the capacity of multiple codes) [RELEASE] Virtual Keypad

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