Dashboard all off button

Can there be a button that turns all life off.

Don't see why not. Just create a virtual button and a rule to turn all life off when pressed.


Are you only looking to end all life in the house? All of Earth? The galaxy? Universe?


If you are referring to shutting down the HE hub, there are a couple of drivers / apps that can do this, the one that springs to mind is:

It includes a command for Shutdown. You could:

  • Install the Hub Information driver using HPM
  • Create a virtual device using the Hub Information driver, turning on the setting for allowing hub reboot or shutdown
  • Create a new virtual button device
  • Add the new button device to a dashboard
  • Use the button device as the trigger for an Rule Machine rule
  • In the RM rule, include an action that is a custom command, calling the Shutdown command on a Hub Information device