Custom Device Drivers [Wiki]

Hopefully others will provide feedback otherwise thanks for the advice and I'll log it with the Hubitat guys

Not all of the "Added driver for ..." items on that list were given dedicated drivers, but they should automatically get assigned and work with one of the generic drivers.

Most battery operated devices sleep so they won't receive any commands sent by the Refresh or Configure method so after making changes to the settings you need to manually wake the device up. The device's manual should explain how to wake it up.

I doubt that has anything to do with your problem, but since you're new I thought I should explain that.

I had a really hard time getting the Aeon Recessed Door Sensor GEN2 to detect when it opened/closed, but I must have been putting it in backwards because when I moved the magnet near the bottom of the battery it worked as expected.

If you enable logging for those devices and post the logging data it might make it easier to see what's happening.

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Thanks for that, they aren't been automapped a driver, just comes up with device before I have to assign a driver.

Which driver do you have assignee for the G2 recessed?

Thanks for the tip on the wake before configure technique. Found that out when I was testing and have the door/window sensor plugged into the miniUSB to keep it alive while fooling around with this.

Sorry newbie question, how do I enable and view the live logger?

Ok, so just found and tried this community driver below which has fixed the issue on both Aeon contact devices and I now have Contact: Open/closed exposed in current states.

So the generic z-wave driver for Aeon contact devices does not work for the models below and the wiki should be updated.

Aeotec Z-Wave Door Window Sensor 6 (sku: ZW112)
Aeotec Z-Wave Recessed Door and Window Sensor (sku: ZW089)

btw still dont know how to access the live logger :frowning:

Right click on LOGS in the left pane, "open in new tab", leave it open in that browser tab for the rest of your life :smiley: That's it. The logs appear as things happen beginning then, not before. When you first open logs, it's always blank. As events occur, they appear on that tab. It opens with "All" and you can click either on the name of each device that has had an event at the top, or on the number on the left of each log record. Hover over the names at the top to see the device/app number that matches the left column.

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Ok, thanks for that, was expecting to see a history of live logging somewhere, but yes i understand now.

"History" is in the Events link for each individual device.

When Live logs get sluggish switching between devices, refresh the page which clears everything back to blank. Once live logs reach 10's of thousands of records, the web page takes a while to switch between devices or from All to a device.

Add DSC-Envisalink and Bloomsky to the list (code ported over)

Very cool!! Do you when the code might be available? (or where we might find it?) Thanks again!!

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we have capability pressure measurement now, there is no pressure unit attribute, it's standardized on kPa.
Usage can be seen in the Environmental Sensor driver I just published in our public get repo.

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Qubino Flush RGBW Dimmer works with only changing physicalgraph:

It might best if you add these to the Wiki list yourself. That way you can add a link to the drivers, etc.


I added the "v5" ST motion sensor, the new "2018"/ZigBee 3.0 model, to this list. The official model number is IM6001-MTP02, which I've also included since it's getting hard to keep track of the generations of these--so hard that I'm not sure if v4 is unintentionally missing from the list above (there's the original Kickstarter model with optional micro USB power, the v2/2014 model with a large sensor in the middle, the v3/2015 model with a small sensor in the upper left corner, the v4/2016 sensor with a larger sensor in the same corner in a slight indentation, and the v5/2018 sensor that looks somewhat similar to v2 from the front but with a smaller sensor and including a mount). They also all take different batteries, so that could be another way to tell them apart. :slight_smile: (I don't see it in the "list of incompatible devices thread," either, by the way--and I'd be shocked if it didn't work, at least as well as it ever does work given its mixed reviews.)

tl;dr Has anyone tried the "v4"/2016 sensor? I suspect it is just unintentionally missing from this list (assuming I'm counting the generations correctly; see above or this list from SmartThings.)

To be considered official i need the fingerprint so i can add it to the existing driver

It took reading a few times but I gotcha. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yeah on cell no glasses lol...