Custom Attribute: boolean has no comparators

I'm trying to test the state of the attribute chime in this device:


But in RM, there's no way to pick "is true/false" when I select the attribute from the dropdown:

Now, here's the extra-funny part: if I choose other attributes from the list for awhile, I can get RM to treat chime like different types of variables...

Recorded GIF: Imgur

Any ideas?

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What device is this? How was the attribute "chime" defined? Chances are it was incorrectly defined as something that doesn't exist or maybe boolean isn't working. I couldn't find an example of it anywhere on a google ' "hubitat" "bool" "attribute"' search.

I most often see attributes defined as type "string", "enum", or "number" but "bool" should work according to this.

BOOL is not implemented in RM for Custom Attribute. I will take a look at adding it.


I see, thanks!

I switched the driver to use an enum and the rule works fine now.

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I thought a screwed something up... was looking for this same functionality.

I was about to enter a similar issue, restoring an device from a variable. Jump up store, store sound device volume & mute state into local vars,
Set Volume to TV Room volume
Set Sound to TV Room mute
This works as expected, but RM does not allow setting attribute from the vars..

OK, old thread. What are you wanting? The previous solution was to use an enum for Boolean values instead of BOOL.

That worked. I was writing a driver and when testing the rule was blank for the bool. I spent some time trying to figure out what I did wrong. Then came here and found the answer. I changed to enum and all is well.