[] RM Stalls when trying to use a custom attribute as a condition [C-7]

I have a custom sensor with a custom driver. The device/driver has a custom attribute (aka CA):
VehiclePresent "bool"

I am trying to use this CA in an RM conditional statement. I can select the device/driver and I can select the attribute. However at this point no further options are presented. The page is not frozen and I can change the select attribute but no further options/conditions are presented.

I'm assuming the next input would be either "True" or "False" since the attribute is a bool.

         attribute "vehiclePresent", "bool"

RM entry page:
Note: not long after selecting the attribute I see the area marked in blue get slightly larger (i.e. the "NOT this Condition?" drops down a little then returns.) But no options offered.

Device Page for device with custom attribute.

This thread might help. Custom Attribute: boolean has no comparators - Rule Machine® - Hubitat

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I changed from a Custom Attribute to "PresenceSensor" RM works well with this configuration.

"bool" is not a supported attribute type. So it has not built-in operators, such as comparison.


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