Custom Application list or Wiki for custom applications

It would be nice if HE could create a list or wiki for HE users to document custom applications they have created for HE projects. I believe this list or wiki would need to be moderated in some manner to ensure entries are acceptable to HE. If it were a wiki, it could be a really good place to find creative solutions and ideas for new HE uses. Even a simple list of user created applications which they are willing to share with a simple description of the application would be beneficial.

Like this?


Don't forget the custom Apps / Drivers are just that, custom and mostly "use-at-your-own-risk". While Hubitat staff may enforce some level of control in extreme cases, Community developed content is largely left to the Community to manage and curate. That said, Hubitat Staff are by no means against Community developed Apps and Drivers, as @bobbyD demonstrated with his link to a Wiki page setup to showcase our wares.

Another place to also search through would be the Apps and Drivers listed on the Hubitat Package Manger (HPM), a go-to for many, if not all, developers to make their creations easily accessible to all.


What would be the criteria for moderation?

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Shhh.... Let's not encourage standards... Some of us may not meet them... :wink:

But yes, a good question.... If there is a recommendation to curate the community offerings, it is worth understanding what people see as valuable in what they want to see offered for installation on their hubs.

Moderation is generally quite subjective, even when a bar is established. What one moderator (or individual) finds acceptable another may find completely unacceptable. Since the custom/ Community apps and drivers are all use at your own risk to begin with, there really is no need for moderation.


While all of these links are useful, I didn't really find a browsable list with associated tags and descriptions I was attempting to describe. I searched the community forum to come upon "Switch Scheduler and More" by kampto and consider myself lucky to have found it. I'm thinking something like many companies might create to promote their products and capabilities except, in this case user created applications. For the scheduler mentioned, I did not find that on the github public link even though it is stored on github. I would like to find something a little more concise and browsable than what I have found. Today, I was wondering if anyone had created a custom dashboard application that took advantage of things like the unit of measure that comes in from my devices. The current built in dashboard leaves that out of many of the templates. My heavy duty relay for the irrigation pump reports amperage in the logs as well as many other items which all show up with a valid UOM in the logs but are not available on the dashboard. Some items which show up in logs appear to have no corresponding template capability. I'm just thinking about more effective promotion of HE and all of the capability which the platform offers.

I'll leave BobbD to respond as he sees fit, but... personally I expect you will, like other platforms, see Community developed content embraced by Hubitat, but not promoted, so as to not favour one developer over another. Like @marktheknife called out, the criteria for moderation / promotion would be, I would argue, contentious.

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I agree that "moderation" has become a wide open conundrum with social media. I guess that maybe just a means just those which might be reported as dangerous to a hub or defamatory. Even this could be a huge task. I'm not sure how or what protections could be offered outside the basic "use at your own risk" that currently applies for user created applications.

HPM is the place to search for Community Apps / Drivers, If developers haven't tagged their creations appropriately, that is their fault... Even Home Assistant, which is more developer focused, IMHO, has a similar HACS app...


This discussion has occurred several times over, and this is always the end result. Because that is the approach that Hubitat staff have stated they take re: user-developed code.

As @sburke781 has mentioned, the Hubitat package manager is one alternative, created entirely by community devs.

Any Hubitat user, including you, could create a curated list of apps or drivers with ratings, tags, whatever you’d like really. It could be a wiki post here, a website you host, the sky’s the limit.

But motivation and time are the limiting factors that generally keep most people from taking on a task like this.


I treat it like assessing any product, buyer-beware, etc... Ultimately you have to make your own mind up.... You can source opinions from wherever you feel comfortable with / trust.... But ultimately it is your choice...

Obviously my drivers are great... but that is just my opinion... :wink:

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I've been in this community since about 2017. I've never heard of an app or driver that "bricked" a hub, but I guess it's entirely possible. The other issue that could come up is someone (I'm thinking novice, but it could really be anyone) starts using an app or driver that they don't understand, and rather than work with the developer or other community members that do use it to figure it out, just start bad mouthing the app or driver. I have yet to see this happen. In my experience, all of the community developers have been just phenomenal about working with people to get things working or to add requested features to their apps. I tend to believe that community reputation will suffice for weeding out the bad app(le)s. Heck, I've even seen some developers at some point figure out their app or driver really doesn't really work the way they want it to and completely pull and rewrite them, the advise their users to stop using the old app or driver and switch to the new one.


I can say I really like your Ecowitt Drivers, I have wanted to try @snell 's, but yours work so well, I just don't want to mess with something that isn't broken! Now I'm trying to wrap my mind around your simple CSS Editor, and that has been more of a challenge for me. But to my point above, that is a user issue, not a developer issue.

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Ah schucks.... I am certainly standing on the shoulders of giants there.... Mirco should take the most credit there....

I do need to wrap my own head around that again sometime soon :slight_smile: But yes, something I am proud to have produced. Thankyou....

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I tend to agree that the findability of solutions is challenging. If you look in HPM under Dashboards you will find 26 packages with fairly minimal description. What I find best is to then take the names of the ones that sound like they might fit and use the search engine to pull them up and find the [RELEASE] thread for that app. Then you will get some detailed information and probably screenshots with which you can make a decision.

The other approach is to enter your search keyword and then sort the results. Generally speaking the better apps get more attention.

Check this out. You can put pretty much any attributes of any devices on the dashboard along with a considerable amount of formatting options.
([RELEASE] Tile Builder - Build Beautiful Dashboards)

Thanks for your response. I must admit that until today I didn't realize you could use HPM to research potential applications and solutions. It never occurred to me to start from the "Installation" choice as an approach to browsing or exploring solutions. Unless someone already has a Hubitat hub it certainly can't help sales and promotion. I will be trying out the tile builder and potentially other applications. I guess that some of the responses make me feel a bit scolded now. Having built some of my own web pages for business and reservations, I do wish they could add some Hubitat specific terms to the dictionary so they don't appear as errors when making a forum entry :slight_smile: "Hubitat" for instance is one of those items. Did I mention that engineers (mechanical myself) also tend to be a bit anal?

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I wouldn't want you to feel that way. Having your opinion or thought process altered can be seen as a positive. We would also want you to be seen as an included member of the Community, rather than sone excluded member.

The more engineers the better... :wink:

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I hope it was nothing I said, if it was I assure you it was purely unintentional. On a general note I’d say most responders are very helpful, even if the comment itself might be terse in nature.

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Your response was educational and productive for me. I learned a good deal more about HPM and found additional potential value in Hubitat due to your insight.


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