Current ST user

Current ST user.

Somehow I missed hearing about Hubitat (saw a mention on the ST forums today).

Of course I just ordered the ST(Samsung)/ADT security package since it was 1/2 off on BF. Really tempted to give Hubitat a go which would mean I'll need to send the security package back.

I have a lot of Hue devices (mostly bulbs, several switches, lightstrips, outdoor light, etc) but from what I've seen you can integrate with Hubitat. For the most part I use the Hue app to control the Hue devices, but I do use ST routines to control turning lights on/off.

My other question concerns smart plugs; are the following supported?
GE outdoor plugs that work with ST
TP-Link power strip (HS300)
Monoprice plugs

Looking forward to giving Hubitat a try.


Good Morning! You can find a list of currently supported/unsupported below to get started. Keep in mind that new additions are made frequently and other HE users are always creating devices as needed as well and sharing all the time. Take a look a GREAT product with AWESOME support and a KILLER community to go along with it.

Hubitat recommend that you keep Hue devices connected to the Hue bridge. It helps because Hue lights (and most lights) act as terrible repeaters for non-lights. I moved my Hue lights back to the Hue bridge, and have noticed far more stable and consistent zigbee network(s), one for lighting, one for everything else.

Okay, I assume that there is a routine (or equivalent HE term) that I could use in HE to communicate with the Hue bridge?

A built in app.

I haven't used hubitat yet, but I did just order one this evening. I have had smartthings for a little over 3 years. My major complaint is the server downtime and delays in automation. I also don't think it's progressed very much unless you count all the community devs doing all the hard work. It seems like hubitat will do everything I need and I'm really glad to see a native rule machine; webcore was too complicated for my tastes.


Just ordered mine as well.

Unfortunately I delayed and it doesn't appear I'll have it in time to play with this weekend. :frowning:

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