"Current Products" Zigbee e-wand - Driver Support?

I think. I say that because I had originally used the Zigbee generic dimmer driver as was suggested to me. It worked perfectly, and I THINK it would or could open "50%" or whatever. I only wanted open or closed so switched to bulb. I considered going back just in case or even to try, but I seem to recall it would. I know not definite but it's worth a try and easy to change if it doesn't.

I agree. My blinds are brown and although the white wand is barely noticeable, would prefer they match. I took mine down, painted and remounted them. They are still working great after several days and since we never touch them, I expect the paint to last. Time will tell.....

The next platform should support all commands natively

Have you heard anything on this from Mike? I exchanged messages a couple weeks ago on it, but haven't heard anything since then...mine is still in its box, been busy and also wanted to wait for the HE integration for my install.

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Funny, I had always assumed you were a blond... :wink:

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Release 2.3.0:

  • E-Wand Zigbee blind wand using Generic Zigbee Shade


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Thankyou @mike.maxwell & @rlithgow1 for this. Awesome sauce!


Agreed. :smiley:

I can't install mine until next week due to holiday activities, etc., so I'm dying to hear how things work from you lucky ones who already have yours set up.

Well??? :smiley: now directly supports it

Feedback, puhleez! What's it like? :slight_smile:

Work perfectly.

Open to 100, Close to 0. Open/Close by adjustments of 1 (reports partially open).

In Homekit (via Homebridge V2 by tonesto7) shows them as Window Shades. Can open full or close full by button tap. Also can hold button to adjust open/close state by % from 0% (closed) to 100% (open).

Siri works perfectly ie “change back lounge blinds to 20%”

In Home Assistant (via Maker API and https://github.com/jason0x43/hacs-hubitat ) it is the same - seen as Shade. Everything works as expected.

Excellent stuff @mike.maxwell !


Excellent - thanks for confirming the new toy's working.

@mike.maxwell & @rlithgow1, thanks for the team-up on this!

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See the latest Hubitat live for demo

When Mike sends it back I'll have to try it out. My hope is I can plastic paint it brown to match my blinds

I painted mine.... works great !
Thank you TEAM for this driver update... Looking forward to the switch. You guys are AWESOME !

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Crap - I missed that there was a Hubitat Live session. Glad it's recorded so I can watch after. :slight_smile:

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What did you use to paint it? I was thinking of a urethane based paint but open to other stuff

Krylon ColorMax Primer and Paint. Satin.
good for metal, wood, plastic maybe more... whatever more is...


e-Wand is in the building! :smiley: Had to do a little minor trimming on the right to make things fit, but worked out fine.

The rod is fairly large once you have it in place (not surprising since it holds six 2A batteries, motor, etc.) so we'll see how the WAF is when she finally notices it. May take a day or so, she tends to have tunnel vision when she's working in the office. This is what she's been asking for since I first automated the blinds, so it should be shouts of joy and angels singing. :wink:

The motor is slower than the iBlinds motor, and about the same level of noise but a different timbre. The main concern I'd have about the e-Wand is long-term reliability of the relatively small motor, especially managing a larger set of blinds, but manual control at the blinds is evidently a must in our house, and this is the one option that provides automation w/ability to tweak position or fully open/close manually.

What I'd like is a driver like the excellent one that @bertabcd1234 made for iBlinds, that includes a "dimmer" control option. That makes it compatible w/a wider range of apps (majority include dimmers, much fewer have shades), and can adjust dim level in percentage changes (e.g., reduce dim -12%), and I can use Google Home to easily control it (set xxxx to 25%).

Would also love to see the Temperature and Light sensor capability of the wands integrated if that's at all possible, but since those are controlled on the wand w/switches, I assume doubtful the wand does any reporting of temp or lux.