Crappy C5->C8 upgrade experience

Really not impressed with this process. Created the cloud migration backup on my old hub. Took absolutely ages but seems to have finally completed successfully after a few attempts (the UI is terrible with the page locking up and the circular progress thing just freezing). However, the new hub doesn’t even see the cloud backup :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Like I have time to waste on this :man_facepalming:t3:

@bobbyD any chance you can take a look at these hubs on my account and see what’s going on please? Migration backup seems to be there but the new hub is just seeing a local backup (it’s been running a day or so now as I’ve been trying this upgrade a few times).

Did you click on "Reload backups now" on the new hub?


This person was having a similar issue but I think his original backup did not actually take. Sounds like your backup did work since it took a while to complete. There are a bunch of other things to try in this thread if you want to try anything before support jumps in.


Tell us how you really feel, Angus. :wink:

I'd do a restart or (just to be really sure) shut down of the C-7 (including pull power and wait 30s before restarting). Then do the migration backup again on the C-7 (I'm assuming you don't have hub protect on the C-7 since you referred to the "cloud migration" backup).

Then go the C-8 and complete the restore there normally...current user doc detailing steps to migrate is here:

Thank you. I will take a look at that thread.

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Ok, I will try a complete shutdown of the old hub. Although if that hub is showing a cloud migration backup has been created, why the heck the new one doesn’t show it is beyond me. I don’t see how that could be an issue with the old hub.

The circumstances causing the pressure right now are too complicated and frankly unnecessary to explain on this forum. It’s a real shame this migration doesn’t work (at least for me) as advertised. I simply don’t have time to mess around with this level of intervention required. It’s frustrating.

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Is the new hub registered to you? If not, it won't be able to find the cloud backup, IIRC.

Mine went through issue-free, as many (most?) have...but there are some steps (like not having the hub registered before doing the restore) that may not fail gracefully if not completed...

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Yes registered to me.

I’ve noticed the migration backup from the old hub doesn’t show any size. Im guessing it didn’t get generated properly sigh.

Now trying to update the firmware on the new hub prior to attempting the migration, and it’s just sat there for several minutes now saying it’s checking for an update. Not good.

Finally, it seems to have worked at last!

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O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! (I chorlted in my joy.) W/apologies to Lewis Carrol. :wink:

Good to hear! :slight_smile:

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Looks like the same issue as I went through yesterday. The "first" backup didn't work until I registered the new hub and performed a new backup on the old hub.

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Is it safe to say always do your OLD hub backup, after you register the C8, not BEFORE you register the C8?

Certainly very safe, but I have no idea if it's required. I don't remember for sure what order I did mine in. Going to go try and look that up.

I just looked at the procedure I followed and it looks like I probably didn't even turn on the C8 till after I backed up the C7 and shut it down. Not 100% sure but that's what the instructions I followed look like. I did have The protect service on the C7 so I did a normal cloud backup, not a "migrate" backup

Conceptually it seems like it shouldn't matter that you have a C8 registered before you do the C7 migrate backup cuz the backup is simply being saved to your HE cloud storage. But I don't know what types of gears and connections are there that need to be turned.

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Pretty sure I did the backup before I registered my C8.


Me too


for the ones who backed up first before registering C8, do you have Hub Protect plan? In my failure case, I didn't have it...

I don't have hub protect

There are actually two issues here, yes the hub should be registered but also updated to latest version. We have updated the documentation accordingly to reflect these requirements. It's always good to check the migration document before starting the process. It is constantly updated as we receive feedback from our users:

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I think the hub should be smart enough to force an update prior to a cloud migration attempt. Just prompt the user to execute the update, if it’s necessary for successful operation of a migration and you don’t want to force it explicitly without user intervention. This would be a better solution than assuming users will dive into docs. Most products I’ve known do an immediate update to the latest firmware without any prompting when you first register them.