C8 Migration without cloud protect

Hi guys, I just performed a C7 migration backup on version and shut down C-7 hub. After that I login on C* to restore the cloud backup and no cloud backup is shown.

On my C7 backup listing I see a type "migration" backup being listed and not "cloud"... what is wrong here?

I'm not a cloud protect subscriber...

Did you register the new hub with the same email? That is needed to see the migration backup.

Yes, I did... Both hubs show correctly on my.hubitat.com

I'm noticing that the migration documentation says the migration backup type is "cloud". But looks like something changed that the migration backup is now created as "migration" type.

Probably the C8 listing only lists "cloud" backup instead of "migration" type? I guess I found a bug..

The step 4 in the documentation you've posted is now incorrect... The backup type is now "migration", instead of "cloud".

You could always set up the C-8 as a new hub, then once you get the UI go to Settings > Backup and Restore and find it there. Unless you are already there? Then maybe you need to do a soft reset to get back to the "new hub" migration UI.

I've done the 2 approaches above @jtp10181 . The thing is both the wizard or the "normal" restore page don't show the "migration" backup type... I really think this is a bug to list the migration created backups since they are not from "cloud" type anymore.

It's migration if you don't have Hub Protect on the source hub, and cloud if you do.

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Are both hubs updated to I know they made some changes with the migration backups, not sure if that would prevent the C8 from seeing the backup if it was not updated?

There are A LOT of people migrating right now, have not seen this issue wide spread.

I'm stuck... Migration backup type is not being listed, not sure what to do next.

Yes, both hubs had the same matching when I created the migration backup.

Is there any chance you have an underscore in your email address? Or some other non-alphanumeric character in your email address? I seem to recall that was an issue for some users. It may have been corrected already though... Tagging @bobbyD from the Hubitat Support Team.

My e-mail address has no special characters @ogiewon .

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I think they fixed the _ issue a few versions ago.

On my C8, if I go to Backup and Restore, then select "all" to see all backups I can see my old backup from the C-7 and have a button to migrate from another hub. This is what the instructions say it should look like for the migration backup as well.


This is what I see on my C8... Only a local backup, no "migration" nor "cloud" backups being listed.

I believe thats the sign of a not registered hub.

Click registered hubs. Should have both hubs there. Must be on REGISTERED hubs section.

Go to http://HUB.IP/hub/register
I think that is the link to register, mine is already registered so I am not totally sure.

Also starting with step 10 here is how to register: Registration and Setup | Hubitat Documentation

Or also try pressing the Reload Backups link, which it says to use if cloud backups are not visible

They are already registered and listed... I have a point here... There is a bug somewhere...

Have you clicked the reload backups now link?

Yup... more than a hundred times :smiley:

Hmm... its a mystery then. Only other thing I could think of is to go on the old hub and force another migration backup. Unless you have already tried that as well. Support was tagged up above so they will jump in when they see this. @support_team

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My understanding is that it's supposed to be 114. :+1:

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