Crappy C5->C8 upgrade experience

And now none of my Zigbee motion sensors are connected anymore. I guess I will need to go reconnect them manually :relieved:

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Known issue w/Zigbee that is being worked on as we speak...I didn't run into it seriously (yet) just had a few motion sensors that stopped reporting some time after I migrated to the C-8.

So just your motion sensors, or any other Zigbee devices having're using Aqara, or ?

Agree - ideal/preferred setup would be if any pre-requisites to the migration were "force-fed" during the process. FWIW, I think the only place an FW update was required was on the C-7, to enable it to create cloud updates if the C-7 didn't have hub protect enabled. I didn't update my C-8 FW until after the migration, and had no issues w/my migration other than the few motion sensors going off. Definitely a YMMV situation that has been evolving.

I do think the results so far seem to indicate that a broader HW beta could have helped ID some of the issues earlier...that's hard to do (to distribute to more people and not have information leak) but probably would have been worth the risk.

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It does, we just got the steps in the documentation out of order. Thankfully is fixed now.


It didn’t in my case. I had to manually update the hub. It did not force an update at all. I’m talking about the C8 of course.

Aqara motion sensors, yeah. Didn’t check anything else yet. But the lack of motion lighting was the first obvious failure that seems to be due to the motion sensors being dropped in the migration.

Please check the logs next for more clues other than visual cues.

Yup - motion sensors are the canary in the coal mine.

I am fairly sure that both of my C8 hubs did a firmware update as part of the migration process.

None of my Aqara motion sensors will stay connected to this wretched hub any more.

Might try dropping the Zigbee power back to 8, to try an force them back to using the repeaters (I assume that is they way connected prior).

Ok, worth a try I guess. Not sure why they wouldn’t just form the best route by now, given it’s been a day or so since I did the migration.

IIRC to get the Aquara to work correctly most had to use a repeater to mask the non-standard pieces. With the C-8 they're probably skipping the repeaters, so by lowering the power we might get them back on the repeaters.

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If they were skipping the repeaters, and connecting directly, they still should be working? With the new external antennas, I would fully expect many of them to connect directly. Either way they should be staying connected and should work, right? Or I’m missing something here…

From what I've read the repeaters seemed to be the glue that kept them from generating too many errors, and if they are no longer being routed through then their filtering isn't happening.

Ah ok. I’ve tried reducing the hub power. Didn’t work. None of the sensors are staying connected any more :pensive:. We are not enjoying walking around a dark house. Given I’m about to do a major refurb here, I think it’s time to throw the current config out of the window and into the skip.

Might try inducing a device panic by unplugging the hub for 10 or so minutes to see if it forces a renegotiation of routes.

I was unable to use Aqara contact sensors reliably on my C-7 until I added some SonOff USB dongle repeaters for them, and also had some Ikea but they didn't end up doing much repeating. I only have a few Aqara on my C-8 as they are really still in "test" mode to see if they will stay reliably.

On the new C-8, I'm running at power level 16, and monitoring my entire Zigbee network using the Device Activity Check app to keep tabs on stuff. I haven't noticed the few Aqara I do have on the C-8 dropping off, and was able to pair two new ones (sitting on the table next to me as part of my Aqara test) a couple days ago on the C-8 and they are still connected, along w/the four or five Aqara contact sensors I have had on my mesh for several weeks.


I’m using several IKEA repeaters. At any power level on the Zigbee radio I’ve been unable to keep the motion sensors connected. They were mostly fine on the C5 before. Strange.

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My guess is that your motion sensors are still connecting directly to the hub, unfortunately. You can confirm if your Ikea repeaters are involved by going to the address below:


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