ColorCast weather [RELEASE]

This is a app that you configure you weather key and then set it to flash various colors based on different weather alerts and hourly conditions.

I just realized when I made a modification today to improve the purple color with hue lights that i never really posted it here. I think this is because it used Dark Sky Weather for which
I had an API key but was no longer providing them, and I didn't feel like spending the time porting it to Openweather.

Well now I did the conversion since dark sky is going away totally at the end of 2022.

I did not originally write it but ported it from Smartthings a couple of years ago when I first started using Hubitat..

So here it is..

It will blink what ever lights you designate based on motion and weather. The colors for various weather events are user defineable.

see below:

here is the app. and it is also available via hubitat package manager


new version .. seems like a bug in openweather see below..

// lgk 2.1 fix issue where open weather is different than dark sky.. dark sky would drop through if there was a percent probablity of perciptation but no snow or rain and assume sleet.
// in open weather is some hourly forecasts it shows a high percent probiblity but no rain and it is just cloudy ie

// :26.31,"weather":[{"id":802,"main":"Clouds","description":"scattered clouds","icon":"03d"}],"pop":0.86},
// obviously no sleet here with a temp of 47 but it just says cloudy but a pop percent probablity of precip - .86
// seems like a bug so ignore it .

the alternative would be to try and figure out what the percent of proablity is based on temp:

ie rain vs snow/sleet but that seems beyond what should be done.
and other weather services are not showing such a high probablity anyway so appears to be a bug and i am ignoring it now.

I enjoy this app - nice to walk into a room and see the outdoor temp by color.

a feature request I'd like to ask -
Would you consider changing the debug items to a debug switch so as can be independent of the base function? I like descriptive text for all drivers I use, but I disable debug messages unless I'm troubleshooting or working on something. thanks for your time.

When i get a chance
i.just ported it and never really modified it other than to make it work

there is already a desclog and debug switch.. so which exact debug items do you not like coming out currently

I am working on changing the debugging and info output,, there was only debugging output previously in the version i ported..

however, in the middle of my testing the rain alert now stopped so i cannot finish :frowning:

Changes in the git hub to logging and now tells you if it will rain/sleet/snow how long from now in the log if desclog is on

Bless you! I took a look and saw how many debug calls, that was not a small task!

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How does it know the location? In other weather apps I seem to remember having to set a location.

it uses your api key in conjunction with your hub location based on lattitude longitude..

def forecastUrl = "$location.latitude&lon=$location.longitude&mode=json&units=imperial&appid=$apiKey&exclude=daily,flags,minutely"


I've installed this App, but I keep getting an 401 error saying my API key is incorrect. Is anyone else having issues?

It may no longer work with the new 3.0 api keys . Anyone know the different api calls i may need to add an option for 2.5 vs 3.0

For shts and grins till i get to modifying it...try changing the 2.5 in the urls to 3.0 and see if it works.

New version on github with an option to use the new version 3.0 api instead of 2.5.. Default is off.

new version on github because openweather is dumping ver 2.5 api as of june.. now uses ver 3.0 api..